Introducing: Groove Meeting Scheduler

How to Schedule Meetings without Hurting the Momentum? We all know how pesky the back and forth is when you are trying to schedule a meeting with a customer. And we all know how much that hurts the sales momentum. Today we are very excited to give you Groove Scheduler – a solution for that […]

Marketing and Sales Alignment – Bridging the Gap

It’s no secret that divides can sometimes exist between departments. Marketing and sales departments are great examples, as even though the two often share a common goal, each tends to operate in a silo. The gap between marketing and sales needs to be bridged, however, as collaboration is essential to getting the results both teams […]

Inline Create Forms

Create quality records with just two mouse clicks in the Groove sidebar. The Groove sidebar in Gmail is already your best friend when it comes to understanding the context of an email. Recall that it is completely customizable. The displayed Salesforce objects, the fields and even the lookup logic can be configured so user is served with what’s relevant to […]

Gmail Mail Merge Has Never Been Easier

As a sales rep, you inevitably face the challenge of needing to quickly email a group of customers.  You may do this when you launch a new feature, are traveling for in-person meetings, or have an event coming up.  Completing this task always presents a challenge.  You either have to do it manually or ask your […]

Building a SaaS Company in 2015

Many things have changed over the last few years when it comes to building and scaling a company.  Product development is getting easier every day with steady advancements in tools, services, and APIs.  Companies such as Stripe, Heroku and others have made it easier and faster to get a new app into a customers hands. […]

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