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Time is on Your Side – Google Salesforce Calendar Sync in Real Time

Today we are excited to announce that Groove now offers Google Salesforce calendar sync in real time. But before we dive into the details, let’s take a look at the Why. Back in February, we launched Groove Dashboards, which help you understand how your sales activities relate to your sales performance. The prerequisite to such unique […]

Introducing two new features designed to give you more control over your inbox

  Send Later Timing is important in sales.  You often want to send a message at the perfect time so that you increase the likelihood of your message being seen.  The problem is that you may not be in your inbox at that time.  Groove now solves this by allowing you to schedule emails to […]

Stay Where You Are – Announcing Inline Editing

One of Groove’s core features is the Gmail sidebar, which gives you the Salesforce context alongside the email you’re viewing. Today, we are taking this concept to the next level by allowing you to update your Salesforce records directly in the sidebar – a.k.a. Inline Editing. Just to give you a few examples why this […]

Salesforce Security – Admins, Do Your Share

Let’s face it, 2014 has been a bad year for corporate security. Sony Pictures, Home Depot, Target and JPMorgan Chase are just the most prominent names of companies that became victims of cyber criminality. They found themselves in a PR nightmare due to data breaches. Also, Salesforce security went under attack by the Dyre Malware […]

Salesforce Opportunity Stages

Salesforce Opportunity Stages and Their Probability I’ve seen many Salesforce admins and business analysts struggling with defining salesforce opportunity stages and the associated probability values. Why is it important? Well, one of the core purposes of a CRM system is forecasting. This means the company needs to understand as accurate as possible how much money […]

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