Groove Connect

Intelligently capture and view your important customer data from anywhere

"Not only was Groove easy to adopt, it actually really helped the adoption of Salesforce. Our CRM adoption/activity rates have gone up by 45%."

Marlon Calbi, Business Analysis @ Pledge Music
Grow Revenue

Groove dashboards allow executives to more easily identify trends and revenue-generating patterns driving the business forward.

Improve Customer Service

Groove displays critical customer details in Gmail, enabling faster response time and more effective customer interactions.

Increase Productivity

By eliminating manual data entry in Salesforce, Groove empowers you to spend more time generating new business and resolving customer issues.

Expand Salesforce Usage

By automating common Salesforce workflows and surfacing functionality in Google Apps, Groove spikes adoption levels of Salesforce.

Some of the great features you will get with Connect...
  • Auto Email Sync

    Easily capture both inbound and outbound emails.

  • Custom Email Capture

    Set rules for how you would like to capture emails.

  • Calendar Integration

    Get your calendar events into Salesforce.

  • Custom Object and Fields

    View your custom data right from Gmail.

  • Custom Buttons

    Create buttons to automate your most common actions.

  • Signature Capture

    Create full contacts without copying and pasting signature data.

  • Email Open Tracking

    See exactly when customers are opening your emails.

  • Email Templates

    Create and share email templates among your team.

  • SSO Support

    Your existing SSO solution will work with Groove.

  • Mobile Interface

    Take advantage of every moment with Groove's Sales Priority Inbox.

  • Email Attachment Rules

    Automatically save all or some attachments.

  • Role Specific Settings

    Setup Groove to work perfectly for each unique role.

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