Groove Flow

Automated engagement with a personal touch

"Flow allows me to complete a weeks worth of follow-ups in less than one afternoon!"

James Dunbar, Sales @ Workhands
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Build The Perfect Target Lists

The advanced list builder helps you find the people who are related to any search criteria. You can quickly reach out to leads lost last month, your customers in San Francisco, or any other important group.

Be Yourself At Scale

You no longer need to pick between spending your whole week either manual writing emails or using marketing software that makes you look like a robot. With flow, you can efficiently communicate in a personalized way.

Engage With Confidence

Manage hundreds of relationships and send the right message at the right time. Flow's smart signals will alert you of any updates so you can communicate smarter and eliminate awkward mistakes.

Good Data, Once and For All

Take comfort knowing that both Salesforce and Flow update each other in real-time. Edit Salesforce data directly in Flow and never deal with bad data again.

Some of the great features you will get with Flow...
  • Robust List Builder

    Slice and dice your customer database to find the perfect list

  • Smart Signals

    Only engage when the signals make sense (no reply, no activity, etc.)

  • Performance Analytics

    Analyze all communication metrics including open rates and reply rates

  • Multiple Step Types

    Build the perfect outreach schedule with calls and emails

  • Email Tracking

    Know exactly who is opening and replying to your emails

  • Template Variables

    Automatically insert variables from standard and custom fields in Salesforce

  • Campaign Integration

    See the revenue and opportunities that are generated from your efforts

  • Bi-Directional Sync

    Any changes in Salesforce or Flow will be reflected instantly

  • Automatic Logging

    All your calls and emails will be automatically logged

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