About us

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How we got started

We got our start in 2014 in San Francisco when three former Google employees set out to solve a problem. Even though they had ample resources at Google, they couldn’t find the right solutions that would allow the sales team do their best work. Reps had to balance personalizing communication with making a high quantity of outreach attempts — and all the data entry that goes with it. They knew there had to be a better way.

With 15+ years of experience at Google, Chris, Alex, and Austin set out to bring the same spirit of innovation and user-focused technology to the world of sales.
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Our mission

We’re here to give sales teams the tools to focus on what they do best: Providing value to prospects and generating revenue for their company.

Our goal is to change the way salespeople work so they can be more productive and love their jobs. We power industry leading sales teams around the world, including Google, Prezi, Slack, HotSchedules, and hundreds more.

Our values

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Customer value first

Your success is our success. Our greatest reward is providing value in every experience and seeing our customers win.

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Keep it simple

Our goal is to make your day as smooth as possible with a simple, intuitive platform.

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Work together

We believe that we’re better together. We work closely with our customers to make sure Groove is always getting better for them.


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