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10 Essential Sales Automation Technologies

10 Essential Sales Automation solutions

Your sales team is one of your most vital and expensive assets, yet research from Salesforce finds that reps only spend 34% of their time selling. 

Nancy Nardin 2021 B2B SalesTech LandscapeFinding a way to maximize your sales team’s productivity and effectiveness is critical, and one of the best ways to do that is by empowering your reps with some essential sales automation solutions. Making sense of the sales tech landscape can be difficult. If you’re ever checked out Nancy Nardin’s B2B Enterprise SalesTech Landscape graphic, you know there is a dizzying array of categories with hundreds of providers. 

We’re not going to try and cover all of those solutions here (plus, Nancy has graciously already done that). Instead, we’d like to focus your attention on 10 essential categories of sales automation solutions that you should seriously consider for your sales tech stack – if they’re not already.

By automating manual processes, surfacing insights when they matter most, and enabling reps to scale their engagement, you can help reps spend more of their time doing what they do best – selling. 

Without further ado, here are 10 essential categories of sales automation solutions:

  1. Sales Engagement solutions like Groove enable revenue teams to automate manual tasks like activity tracking, scale engagement through multi-step messaging capabilities, and make valuable CRM data easily accessible where reps spend most of their time – the inbox. Salesforce-native solutions like Groove offer a distinct advantage over non-native solutions in terms of security, ease of administration, and data accuracy. The popular review site, G2, makes it easy to evaluate the top sales engagement platforms to maximize your sales team’s productivity.
  2. Revenue Operations solutions like Xactly help revenue organizations with solutions to manage their revenue generation. Capabilities typically include forecasting and forecast analytics, pipeline management, opportunity management, territory and quota planning, and more. Speaking of consolidation, Xactly acquired sales pipeline management company TopOPPs in March.
  3. Revenue Intelligence solutions like Clari help sales leaders better understand their pipeline and increase their forecasting accuracy. The Revenue Intelligence category used to include Conversation Intelligence players as well, but the category has since narrowed. Today, the Revenue Intelligence category is more squarely focused on helping companies achieve predictable revenue. Leading sales engagement platforms, such as Groove, also provide revenue intelligence capabilities.
  4. Conversation Intelligence solutions like Gong turn sales calls into actionable data, allowing reps to easily follow up on identified topics and action items and provide management with insights into what’s working and what’s not. Chorus.ai, another large player in this space, was recently acquired by ZoomInfo.
  5. Sales Enablement solution providers like Seismic and Highspot help organizations not only manage sales content, but also make that content easy for sales teams to use and sales leaders to measure. While providers in this category have traditionally been laser-focused on the content side of sales enablement, we’re beginning to see a convergence into adjacent sales tech categories. For example, Seismic recently expanded into Sales Readiness with its acquisition of Lessonly
  6. Sales Readiness solutions like Brainshark and Mindtickle are focused on helping sellers up-level their skills via digital coaching and collaboration, as well as helping ensure consistent messaging and customer experiences. You’re probably familiar with those two examples, as there has been a lot of buzz around Brainshark’s recent acquisition by Bigtincan and Mindticke’s new $100M in series E funding.
  7. Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solutions like Conga help businesses optimize their processes in relation to quotes, pricing, contracts and other sales documentation. Conga got into the consolidation game with last month’s acquisition of Contract Wrangler, which applies AI and machine learning to the task of understanding terms and obligations in contracts.
  8. Sales Performance/Incentive Compensation Management solutions like Anaplan and CaptivateIQ help sales leaders understand the performance of their teams, including analytics for quota attainment and compensation setting. These solutions make it easy to design comp plans and enable reps to monitor their performance in real-time. 
  9. Sales Force Automation (SFA) / CRM solutions like Salesforce provide a foundation for managing all of an organization’s relationships with customers and prospects. Given their role as the central source of truth of customer relationships, they serve as the critical data foundation that is leveraged by nearly all other sales tech players. 
  10. Sales Experience solutions form a bonus category on this list to include valuable sales tech providers like gifting platform Sendoso and video selling provider Vidyard. These solutions enable sales reps to break through the noise by using engaging video content to get the attention of busy leads or corporate gifting to make in-roads with otherwise unresponsive prospects.

By automating manual processes, surfacing insights when they matter most, and enabling reps to scale their engagement, you can help reps spend more of their time doing what they do best – selling.

If you’re interested in learning more about the sales tech landscape, please drop us a line. We’d love to help.

Check out our Definitive Guide to Sales Engagement Platforms for more information on sales automation capabilities like advanced activity tracking, multi-step messaging, automated workflows, online scheduling and more. 



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