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$100M to power the next 3M+ gifts

The Closer | $100M to power the next 3M+ gifts

$100M to power the next 3M+ gifts

Who doesn’t like getting cookies in the mail? Or a super-soft branded hoodie? Apparently, lots of B2B buyers and customers do. It turns out that in an increasingly digital world, the arrival of a thoughtfully chosen physical gift on someone’s doorstep can have a big impact. Sendoso has known this since it launched in 2016, and now – 3 million corporate gifts later – it has just raised $100 million to expand their empire. You can read about Sendoso’s plans for worldwide gifting domination in TechCrunch. Full disclosure – Sendoso is a valued Groove customer and partner, and we’re pretty dang proud of it.

Working models

No, we’re not talking about prototypes or people whose job it is to be attractive. Nearly two years into a pandemic, businesses are trying to figure out the ideal model for how employees conduct work and get things done. Some companies have gone fully remote, some are planning a full return to the office, and many others fall somewhere in between. There’s no one answer for every business, so it’s good to understand the options. That’s exactly what the BBC set out to do when interviewing four companies with four very different post-pandemic working models. They may all take different approaches, but they are all focused on one thing – enabling employees to get the job done.

Inventory blues

If you were to interview a bunch of salespeople about their number one job priority, we feel pretty confident that “selling things” would be very high on the list. That’s probably why no one has bothered to conduct that particular survey. Given that innate drive to sell, what should sales leaders do when the company doesn’t have enough product to sell? Unless you’re selling a digital product, there will inevitably be a time when your sales efforts will be hampered by low inventory. Fortunately, Gartner analyst Dave Egloff has a top 10 list of strategies for leading sales teams through supply chain issues. Dealing with inventory issues can be challenging, but it’s way better than having too much product that no one wants to buy.


Ethical leadership shouldn’t be a punchline

The Closer | Ethical leadership shouldn’t be a punchline

When you hear the words “ethical leadership,” is your reaction more “Yes, please” or “Yeah, right?” It’s easy to be cynical with frequent headlines documenting the misdeeds of corrupt leaders. However, ethical leadership doesn’t have to be an unattainable ideal. BuiltIn recently interviewed several executives about ethical leadership and how they are instilling it within their organizations. For his part, Groove’s CEO Chris Rothstein stresses the importance of transparency: “We should always be insanely transparent about who we are and who we’re not, so people can opt in.” If you’re ready to learn more insights on embracing ethical leadership, head on over to BuiltIn. It’s the right thing to do.


Gnarly pipelines

The Closer | Gnarly pipelines

Unlike a surfer dropping into a 30-foot wave, when a sales manager misjudges a pipeline, they don’t risk physical injury or death. They do, however, risk missing their quota and – if it happens too frequently – their job. Having accurate pipeline numbers is one thing, not having enough pipeline can be a problem of much greater magnitude. According to Julie Thomas, CEO of Value Selling Associates, improving your pipeline comes down to implementing a prospecting strategy that separates the shoppers from the buyers. To continue the analogy, you’ll never see pro surfers wasting energy on waves they can’t catch.

Referential treatment

When’s the last time you went out and bought something complicated or expensive without first asking someone you trusted for their recommendation? Whether you’re buying life insurance, enterprise software, or a mega yacht, referrals go a long way in influencing a decision. As a B2B seller, you should make it a top priority to know the best ways for securing referrals from happy customers. If you were hoping for three to five tips to help you in this important endeavor, you’re really going to enjoy the 15 strategies for generating referrals put together by sales consultancy The Rain Group. Not familiar with The Rain Group, we highly recommend them.

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