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3 B2B Sales Prospecting Tips

3 B2B Sales Prospecting Tips

True or false: Charisma is the most important skill for B2B sales prospecting

We’re leaning towards false. 

Salespeople know that having an outgoing personality can be an asset in the workplace, but it’s not necessarily the end-all, be-all skill for B2B sales prospecting. While smooth-talking may help you create an opportunity, it takes a bit more than that to close a deal.

Here are three tips for upping your sales prospecting game that don’t require any extroverting.

1. Empathize with your clients 

A baseball game is one of the only places that should always open with the same ceremonial pitch. Stray away from a routine pitch for every call or conversation, instead, seek out each prospect’s “why” and “how” by engaging in intentional conversation that does more than scratch the surface. 

Once you’ve taken the time to listen to their unique challenges and goals, focus on ways you can show the prospect that you’re on their side and motivated to help them. In short, listen more and talk less. Customers need to have confidence in the decision they’re making, so taking the time to create a trustworthy relationship will go far, possibly even all the way to a closed deal!

Being a good listener is far more important than being a smooth talker,” said Patrick Jeter, Head of Sales Development at Groove. “Can you empathize with the problems a prospect is facing? Can you take what your customer is telling you and clearly communicate how you can help? This is a skill that separates the great from the mediocre.”

2. Create a connection through personalization

Sales is built on a foundation of creating meaningful relationships, so reciting an impersonal script a thousand times is a great way to secure a thousand no’s. 

In order to do personalization, you need to find and leverage interesting bits of information about the prospect. However, to be successful at this strategy, you need to have a system in place to streamline the process. Having sticky notes around your desk with important details from prospective clients is an easy way to mix up valuable information and potentially lose out on a deal. 

Whether you’re a full-cycle seller or sales development rep, you need to find a way to effectively store all of this information and make it easily accessible when it’s time to  personalize your emails to make them stand out in the crowd. That’s where a sales engagement platform comes in really handy.A sales engagement platform automatically tracks and presents sales activity data from all prior interactions with your contacts and accounts – across teams and departments. It can even surface relevant LinkedIn data to automatically let you in on connections to their company that can help you build rapport.

3. Engage in healthy competition, especially with yourself

The sales world is fond of big numbers and huge profits, which can be particularly intimidating for new reps. The pressure is on to become a better salesperson every single day. 

As a rep responsible for B2B sales prospecting, you’re constantly handed new opportunities to learn from your clients, your coworkers, and your competition. Staying up with the ever-changing world of sales may seem intimidating, but the good news is there are plenty of sales newsletters and blogs that can open your mind to everything you need to know about the industry. 

Seek out varying strategies and opinions, take what is useful, and apply it to your workflow. Aim to surpass your own personal best every day and strive to see your previous work as benchmarks for future success. 

At its core, a successful customer-salesperson relationship will always be built on trust, so having an energetic, outgoing personality may not be the end-all be-all when it comes to B2B sales prospecting.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brand new sales development rep or a seasoned account executive who has been asked to take on more prospecting, these three tips will help you open more doors and close more deals.

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