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45 million reasons to celebrate

The Closer | 45 million reasons to celebrate

45 million reasons to celebrate

It pays to be the only sales engagement platform that can supercharge your Salesforce. Yesterday, Groove announced that we have secured $45 million in Series B funding, led by Viking Global Investors. Hot on the heels of 114% enterprise ARR growth for the past 12 months, Groove will use the investment to accelerate its momentum in this segment of the market while expanding international operations. To learn more about Groove’s funding news, what’s behind our rapid growth, and our remarkable ability to capture market share from our competitors, head on over to the Groove blog.

Mayhem, mania, and more

If you follow sales tech at all, you learn not to blink. That way, you don’t miss any of the rapid-fire changes happening in the industry. Gartner sales tech analysts Craig Rosenberg and Dan Gottlieb have been keeping their eyes wide open for all of us, and they just came out with an update to their “Sales Tech Mayhem” blog series. In the last six weeks from their previous post, they’ve catalogued even more mayhem (1.5 unicorns, 7 acquisitions, and more!). Check out their latest 59 updates to Sales Tech Mayhem on the Gartner blog, and then make sure you’re buckled up…this is a wild ride that’s far from over.


Where no one has gone before

The Closer | Where no one has gone beforeThe USS Enterprise had a bold five-year mission to explore strange new worlds and civilizations. Not to be outdone by a cult science fiction franchise, Groove set out to bring a bold new world to enterprise sales teams – and this week, that mission got a whole lot bolder. On Wednesday, Groove announced two new features that bolster its position as the only sales engagement platform that can flex to the unique needs of complex organizations. Automatic logging to custom objects might sound like science fiction, because no other platform can do it. However, like William Shatner’s recent trip to space, we can assure you that it’s real. And wait until you hear about OmniActions. It’s out of this world! If you don’t want to wait, beam on over to the Groove blog.

And now, a few words from the experts

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re pretty excited about Groove’s two big announcements this week. $45 million will go a long way in fueling our enterprise momentum, and our new OmniActions and logging to custom object capabilities are going to be huge for enterprise revenue teams. We could go on and on about it, but we think it’s only fair to share the stage and let some press and analysts voice their opinions. Get a deep dive on our funding in VentureBeat, and then read GZ Consulting’s holistic analysis of Groove’s funding and product news to better understand what it means for the industry.


The art of bombing a sales call

The Closer | The art of bombing a sales callIf you’re never bombed a sales call, you might consider yourself lucky – but you’d be wrong. Instead of being lucky, it’s more likely that you’re playing it safe in the warm and cozy confines of your comfort zone. To be truly successful in the long-term, you need to push yourself to try new things, sell more complex products, and close bigger deals. When you constantly push yourself, you’re inevitably going to fail from time to time. The question is not how to avoid a bad sales call, but how to learn from it. When you’re ready to push yourself into more rewarding and risky territory, check out LinkedIn’s advice for bouncing back quickly from a bombed sales call. In short, if you want to answer destiny’s call, you can’t get hung up on a hang up.

A time for renewal

Q4 is upon us, and before you know it, you’re going to have a ton of end-of-year renewals on your plate. We know this to be a fact, because you should already be working to lock in lucrative (and mutually beneficial) deals with your repeat customers. In this season of plentiful renewals, there’s never been a better time to tighten up your strategy when it comes to managing your customer contracts. Starting early is just one simple tip. Learn two more essential strategies for maximizing your year-end renewal numbers on the SellingPower blog.

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