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A bunch of hacks

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A bunch of hacks

If you didn’t make it to Dreamforce, then you missed all the hacks. No, not that kind of hack. We’re talking about “growth hacks” that sales leaders can adopt to rapidly drive their business forward. For example, hacks for sales coaching and communication. If you’re interested in learning these polished pearls of wisdom, you could watch the 100+ hours of content on Salesforce+, or you could read a perfectly concise round-up of 5 growth hacks for sales leaders that Salesforce has conveniently published on their blog. The choice is yours, but if you’re short on time, the latter might be a good productivity hack.

Slacking at home

As companies begin welcoming employees back to the office, Slack is showing executives the door. More specifically, Slack is asking executives to stay away from the office at least two days a week. The theory is that if you want employees to embrace a digital-first culture, you need to lead by example – and that’s exactly what Slack wants to do. To drive the point home, Slack is also doing away with executive floors (and presumably executive washrooms). If you’re wondering whether Slack’s digital-first employee strategy is right for you, then Insider has just the article for you.


It’s the final countdown

The Closer | RevenueNext Countdown

Countdown to RevenueNext

It’s not only Friday, but Friday before a three-day weekend. While you may have been counting down the days to Columbus/Indigenous Peoples’ Day, there is another important countdown to pay attention to: RevenueNext. On Thursday, October 14, Groove is kicking off its Fall 2021 customer conference. If you count yourself among the Groove Nation, you’ll want to get this event on your calendar ASAP. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about new industry trends, product enhancements, and best practices from companies like Elastic and Aptitude 8. It’s the final countdown. Register for RevenueNext today!


Around this time last year, we were thrilled to learn that Groove was a Digiday Technology Awards finalist. It was a special time that we won’t soon forget. Especially not now…because it’s happening all over again! The Digiday Technology Awards just announced its finalists, and Groove is proud to be on the Best Sales Automation list twice for our work with Sendoso and WealthEngine. Want to learn what impressed the judges so much? Check out our multimedia case studies with both Sendoso and WealthEngine. While you do that, we’ll continue to revel in our two-peat. It might not rhyme, but dang it feels good.


Under pressure

The Closer | Under pressure“Pressure. Pushing down on me, pressing down on you. No man ask for.” These harrowing (albeit grammatically challenged) words from Queen and David Bowie could easily be used to describe a B2B sales negotiation. Unless you’re selling to your mom or a former champion who just switched companies, you can count on pressure. “Mm ba ba be” might be a good way to start an epic rock song, but you don’t want to find yourself muttering anything like that during a sales negotiation. To avoid this scenario, we recommend checking out some expert “selling under pressure” advice from Andres Lares, a managing partner at the Shapiro Negotiations Institute.

Lessons from COVID and Parks & Rec

We’re sure that Leslie Knope has a large, color-coded binder full of lessons she’s learned from COVID, but this is not what this article is about. If you want to understand how an experienced sales leader responded to COVID, then keep reading. Also keep reading if you want to know what type of useful lessons can be learned by working for the parks and rec department (not in Pawnee). In a recent interview with LinkedIn, the Executive Director and CRO of Berkeley Research, Philip Rowley, shared his insights on how to effectively manage a sales organization through COVID, as well as several other non-Parks & Rec topics.

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