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A lesson in sales data literacy

The Closer | A lesson in sales data literacy

A lesson in sales data literacy

This is a huge generalization, but we feel pretty safe in asserting that everyone in sales knows how to read. However, there is a literacy problem when it comes to sales data. Creating massive reports with multitudes of metrics may be second nature for sales ops professionals, but consuming that data can be a struggle for managers and sellers in the trenches. Instead of taking an “all in one” approach to reporting, sales ops should focus on communicating sales analytics in a way that enables key stakeholders to easily understand and incorporate insights into their decision making. If you’re sold on this approach, Gartner analyst Dave Egloff has four tips for helping you combat sales data illiteracy in your organization.

Salesforce can take that to the bank

It’s no secret that Salesforce has been making huge investments in its Industry Clouds, and now they’re expanding their portfolio of financial services products. Last week at the Salesforce Industries Summit, Salesforce announced Corporate and Investment Banking for Financial Services Cloud. This latest technology provides bankers with stronger productivity, collaboration and compliance capabilities. The time savings will give bankers more time to serve as trusted advisors and ensure that they remain compliant throughout the process. We know that banks love saying “past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results,” but we’re pretty bullish about this particular investment.


Extension dialers are not your friend

The Closer | Extension dialers are not your friend

If you’re an outbound rep who is responsible for making dozens of calls every day, the sales dialer is your friend – just not a good one. Imagine a friend who is completely unreliable, always late, and never there when you need them. You’ve just described the traditional extension-based sales dialer. Can you fault a technology that is inherently slow, glitchy, and inflexible? Yes. You certainly can. That’s why Groove has reinvented the sales dialer with a desktop-based application that addresses the core weaknesses of extension dialers. Groove’s new OmniDialer is built from the ground up to be lightning-fast, incredibly reliable, and easy-to-use. Now that’s a friend worth having on speed dial.

Groove’s revenue intelligence gets even smarter

It used to be so easy to divide sales technology into four clear-cut categories: Sales Engagement, Sales Enablement, Revenue Intelligence, and Conversational Intelligence. That exercise is a lot harder today, and that’s a good thing. The convergence across categories is creating more value for buyers, which is what we’re focused on at Groove. You probably know Groove as the #1 sales engagement platform for Salesforce, but it turns out that our strong foundation in advanced activity capture also makes us a powerful player in revenue intelligence. SalesTechSeries took a look at Groove’s steady expansion into revenue intelligence with our advanced activity sync capabilities, real-time opportunity and pipeline management, enhanced ROI reporting, and auto-contact capture. If you’re still wondering whether to put Groove into the sales engagement or revenue intelligence bucket, the answer is “yes.”


Just let go

The Closer | Just let go

Sometimes, you just need to let go and walk away. No, I’m not rehashing the extension dialer conversation from earlier, I’m talking about turning your back on un-winnable and no-decision opportunities. Being an optimist generally serves you well in life, but in the world of sales, you need to recognize when your sunny disposition is holding you back. Time wasted with no-decision opportunities could be spent nurturing deals you’re in a better position to win. So how do you know whether to dig in or let go? LinkedIn believes you should use a “buyer-centric, consistent, and rigorous qualification process.” If a little more detail about the process might be helpful, you can find all the information you need on their blog.

50 questions

Animal or mineral? Alive or dead? These are very helpful lines of inquiry if you’re playing 20 questions, but they’re completely useless to anyone trying to close a deal (with the possible exception of agricultural sales reps). The questions you ask during the sales cycle give you the power to connect with the buyer and understand how your solution can meet their needs. And now the $50,000 question: what questions should you be asking? There is no magic-bullet query, but sales consultancy the RAIN Group has identified no fewer than 50 questions that reps should be ready to employ in any sales conversation. Mastering these questions can have a huge impact on your success rate. How huge? Way-bigger-than-a-breadbox huge.

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