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A Sales Leader’s Guide to Sales Productivity and Effectiveness

Sales Productivity and Effectiveness

The biggest threat to sales teams today isn’t losing clients. It’s losing people on the team. On average, 34% of salespeople turnover in the United States each year. For a team of 50, that’s 17 sellers you have to replace each year, on average.

And replacing reps isn’t easy. According to Gartner, the average ramp time to full seller productivity ranges from 7 to 12 months. Using the example above, that would equate to roughly 119 months of productivity lost each year due to turnover. Think how much of a cost that is to your business.

Some of the most common reasons for resignation include:

  • Burnout from spending excessive time on non-sales activities
  • Lack of helpful technology and tools
  • Little coaching and instruction from sales leadership
  • Lack of growth opportunities.

The good news is that there is a lot that sales leaders can do to address these issues by focusing on strategies and tactics that increase seller productivity and effectiveness, decrease burnout, and greatly reduce turnover.

Improving sales productivity is not a new concept, but in a world where the war for talent is at an all-time high, increasing seller productivity, satisfaction, and retention has never been more important.

3 sales management strategies for improving sales productivity and effectiveness

1. Implement regular sales coaching

One of the most powerful ways to improve the productivity and effectiveness of your sales team is to spend ample time coaching and training your reps. Fundamentally, sales coaching is the process of using data to monitor individual rep performance to identify areas for improvement and to reinforce behaviors and actions that lead to success.

This can take the form of reviewing sales calls with each rep and discussing what went well and where they could improve, conducting pipeline reviews and giving tips on how to move deals forward, or helping your reps prioritize and effectively allocate their time and resources.

Coaching presents a huge opportunity to make a measurable impact on your sales organization. By implementing regular sales coaching, organizations have been able to increase sales productivity by 88%. Even though that’s the case, 73% of sales managers spend less than 5% of their time coaching. 

There’s a reason the most decorated quarterback of all time (Tom Brady) said “if you want to win at the highest level, you have to prepare at the highest level.” 

2. Embrace automation and technology

 High-performing sales teams use nearly 3x the amount of sales technology than underperforming teams. This isn’t because technology in and of itself will solve all of your problems, but it can drastically increase rep efficiency by giving them more time to do what they do best, sell. 

Currently, sales reps are spending about 66% of their time on manual activities like reporting, research, updating their CRM and other administrative tasks. This means only a third of their time spent is on revenue-generating activities that are having a direct impact on your business. It’s no wonder that so many reps are getting burnt out.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The reason there is a correlation between sales tech adoption and productivity is because of the time reps save by automating a lot of the manual, administrative tasks that used to bog them down. Just check out how Tenable was able to increase the productivity of their sales team by 3x by adopting sales technology.

3. Leveraging analytics to continuously improve your sales process

Sales Intelligence DashboardAccording to CIO Insights, organizations that use sales analytics and sales insights increase team quota attainment 4x faster than non-users. This is because having strong analytics gives you deep insight into what’s driving the most impact for your business, allowing you to make better, more informed decisions.

On top of that, having robust analytics will help you prioritize your reps time. With only so many hours in the day, reps need to know where to focus their time and energy so they can deliver the best results without feeling overworked. 

Talk about a high leverage way to increase the effectiveness and ultimately satisfaction of your sales team.

So the question is, what are you doing to keep your team motivated and productive so you maintain high performance as a sales organization for years to come? If you’re looking for a way to improve seller productivity, satisfaction, and effectiveness, we can help.

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