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A world without quotas

A World Without Quotas

A world without quotas

The phrase “Sales Quota” is a lot like “Bacon and Eggs” – two words so tightly connected that it’s hard to imagine one without the other. While we won’t force anyone to imagine a world without bacon, we do wonder what Sales would be like without the almighty Quota. Online community, Built-in, has long pondered the same thing, and recently explored the idea in a conversation with a sales leader that has completely eliminated individual quotas in his well-funded organization. Together, they answer the age-old question: Are quotas really what’s best for sales and the company’s bottom line? Or is it a sign of a profession that is reluctant to change? If you think you already know the answer, I wouldn’t count on it.

Uhh… Where is everybody?

Unless you were hired via Zoom meeting, your team is probably devising a plan for you to return to the office as you read this very newsletter. You might think that a year + of minimal social interaction would have folks clamoring to get back into an office setting. Interestingly, the data tells a different story. According to Crunchbase, 66% of employees are worried about returning to work. Not only that, many employees have a host of new needs – from health concerns to caregiving obligations – that most companies haven’t yet factored into their 2021 office plans. Crunchbase outlines five ways that leaders can ensure an equitable and accessible return to work for all, and what employees should look out for to make sure it’s delivered.


Managing SDRs: The Art and Science

The Art and Science of Masterful Prospecting

Overseeing a team of young, hungry sellers is one of the most redeeming experiences in Sales. Experienced leaders will also tell you it’s one of the most challenging – even more so now as many tried-and-true prospecting practices have been turned upside down thanks to new remote working realities. Should teams still use call scripts? What’s the best channel mix? How do we move teams beyond transactional prospecting and into relationship building? If you’re wondering how the masters tackle questions like these, check out this lively session between two SDR Leaders at AspireIQ and Groove that took place in June at RevenueNext Spring 2021, Groove’s quarterly customer conference. They share their management tips, door-openers, and motivation hacks in this 30 minute recording.

Turning it up to 11

Getting thousands of people to agree on something is a huge feat. Getting those same people to agree for 11 consecutive quarters is 11 times as large. And yet, that’s what thousands of verified software users did in the G2 2021 Summer Report – released this week. For the 11th consecutive quarter, Groove ranks #1 in Customer Satisfaction in the Sales Engagement category based on thousands of verified user reviews. At Groove, we measure ourselves on how well we provide value to our customers and end users, so this news makes us want to rock out! Download the report, and see quotes from real users on our blog.


500 calls in 15 minutes?

The Closer | A world without quotas

How long would it take you to sit in on 500 sales calls? Weeks? Months? This volume isn’t realistic for anyone in today’s sales game. But just for a second, imagine if it was. After the 500th call, there’s no doubt that you’d have a solid understanding of the types of behavior, tone, and messaging that makes a good sales conversation, and the types that make a prospect run for the hills. Luckily for those of us strapped for time, Entrepreneur’s Neil Gordon has eclipsed the “500 sales call” mark and wrote up 5 key learnings that sellers can use to have more impactful sales conversations. A 15-minute read to gain 500 calls-worth of knowledge? No brainer.

Thought leaders are the true influencers

The lines between sales and marketing are blurring. With the wealth of information available to buyers, many are looking to sellers for consultation instead of a transaction. Does this spell the end for sales reps everywhere? No way. It just means trustworthy and knowledgeable sellers have an opportunity to drive business through other channels – like social media. It turns out that having a loud, opinionated employee posting regular content to Linkedin creates the same effect as Tom Brady when he’s caught sipping a new sports drink – high demand. Scott Clark of ReWorked shares ways companies can identify, connect, and amplify their employee thought leaders to drive business.

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