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An Unbeatable Place to Work

Groove culture video

We recently invited employees to Liberty Station in San Diego to explore what makes Groove a special place to work. Check out their responses in the short video below.

Groove’s Award-Winning Culture

From the beginning, Groove has been committed to creating an inclusive, supportive, and enjoyable work culture that aligns with our core values of Care More, Team Over Self, and Enjoy the Journey


When Groove’s co-founders, Chris Rothstein and Austin Wang launched the company, they were focused on creating a culture where co-workers supported and encouraged each other to continually grow and improve,

The kind of company we wanted to start was one where you can work with your friends and push each other to do hard things.

– Austin Wang, CTO, Groove

Groove has received multiple accolades for our award-winning company culture. In addition to winning an Inc. Magazine Best Workplace Award three years in a row, Groove has also earned a Comparably Best Places to Work Award for Best Company Culture two years in a row, and was recently named to the 2023 Built In Best Places to Work list for San Diego and Seattle. Our values are present in every level of the organization, from the executive team to our front-line reps. Not only do we go to great lengths to hire people that embody these values, but we also institutionalize our guiding principles in the onboarding process, and publicly recognize individuals for exemplifying them.

Staying Groovy as We Grow

Groove’s investment in our company culture is essential to achieving our 2023 recruiting goals. As a high-growth start-up in the emerging sales engagement category, Groove is expanding rapidly, and our company culture plays a critical role in attracting and retaining top talent that aligns with our values.

Even with over 200 employees, “Staying Groovy as We Grow” continues to be Groove’s top priority. Matthew Morris, Groove’s Manager, Technical Support Engineer explains this during his interview, “I was at Groove when it was 20 people, and I’ve really Enjoyed the Journey of watching us grow up as a company. We’ve managed to maintain the cultural elements and the spirit that was there when we were a smaller company.”

To support this goal, we actively invest in ongoing training, programs, and inclusive culture events to ensure that employees at every level and from every background feel supported, appreciated, and challenged to be the best versions of themselves.

I’m really proud of the fact that as Groove has tripled in size over the past year, we’ve been able to maintain one of our biggest assets: our company culture.

– Chris Rothstein, CEO, Groove

More Than a Team

At Groove, no team member is left behind. Whether that is being celebrated in the Shout-Out and Winning Slack channels for Caring More, putting Team Over Self, or Enjoying the Journey, Groove strives to foster inclusion at every turn. Sanika Lakka, Product Manager at Groove says, “Any time one of our team members has a small win or a big win, we all feel those wins together.” 

Even as we continue to grow in size, Groove’s CEO, Chris Rothstein, still takes the time to make a personal introduction to each new employee. 

“One of the most memorable moments is when I first started and got to meet the team. I remember everybody reaching out to me all the way from people on my team to the CEO, just saying ‘Welcome to Groove.’

– Jake Kragerud, Recruiter, Groove

Need another reason to apply for a job with Groove? Vijay Pemmaraju, Groove’s Principal Architect says, “What makes Groove special is the fact that we’re willing to innovate. That’s why we win deals and why our customers love us.”

Industry Awards

Groove has received numerous awards and accolades, including: 

We’re Hiring

Interested in contributing to our award-winning culture? Check out our open positions

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