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Announcing Groove University: Learn Groove at Your Own Pace!

Groove University - Sales Engagement Platform Education Center

Groove is delighted to announce the launch of Groove University, a self-service customer education center designed to help new Groove users get up and running quickly, so they can start building stronger relationships and generating more revenue. Groove University offers a wide range of curriculum, segmented by role, from Getting Started to Masterclasses. These expertly produced courses let new users learn at their own pace, through videos and quizzes to make learning fun and interactive.

Why Groove University?

According to The Bridge Group, the average sales organization turnover rate is 34%, with involuntary turnover nearly two-thirds of that number. Not only does high turn-over make it challenging for revenue teams to follow a consistent process, it can also result in training gaps if the customer doesn’t have a mature training or enablement function. We designed Groove University to help new users get up and running quickly at their own pace, while ensuring our customers have access to best practices for creating a consistent and scalable process.

Every new user of Groove will now have access to expertly designed courses that they can learn at their own pace. Courses are segmented by role and technology type so that the content is highly relevant and impactful. Students can easily go back and pick up learning paths where they left off, or re-take lessons about topics they want to revisit.

What will be offered in Groove University?

Groove University features the same great content as our virtual and in-person trainings, presented in a simple, digestible format to keep students engaged. Every learning path leverages a mix of videos, text lessons and quizzes so that students remain actively engaged throughout the course. Our goal is to ensure that every student’s training needs are met, regardless of their learning style.

Benefits of Groove University

  • Train and onboard new Groove users in a timely and consistent manner
  • Ensure reps, leaders and administrators are leveraging best practices to maximize productivity and accelerate revenue
  • Ensure new users are trained on Groove’s latest capabilities and platform releases
  • Create a consistent and scalable process regardless of when revenue team members start using Groove

We invite you to experience Groove University for yourself at learn.groove.co!

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