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B2B e-commerce and other pandemic-fueled trends

The Closer | B2B e-commerce and other pandemic-fueled trends


B2B e-commerce and other pandemic-fueled trends

No, we’re not talking about Amazon-style drones dropping off B2B sales contracts at your decision-maker’s house, but research does suggest that B2B e-commerce is gaining a foothold because of the pandemic. Not content to merely keep people cloistered in their homes consuming Netflix, the coronavirus is having a profound effect on B2B sales. So what exactly does B2B e-commerce mean and what other COVID-created sales trends should you be paying attention to? Crunchbase has come up with three recommendations for B2B sales organizations to consider as we all inch closer to the light at the end of the COVID tunnel.

Zoom fatigue is real

You know how you feel at the end of a day filled with back-to-back Zoom meetings? It’s not just you. Science says that feeling is real. The head of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab just published a paper detailing where all the exhaustion is coming from. It turns out that, among other things, humans weren’t designed to make eye contact with a digital figure for hours on end while also constantly seeing themselves in a little box. Now that I’ve convinced you of the draining nature of video calls, the question is what to do about it. CNBC took a look at the research and provided some helpful tips on combating Zoom fatigue. The article doesn’t shed any light on the “virtual humans” that Stanford apparently keeps in a lab.


I feel the need for speed-to-lead The Closer | I feel the need for speed-to-lead

There’s something that all of your “Top Gun” sales reps likely have in common – they feel the need for speed…to-lead. However, any maverick knows that it’s physically impossible to immediately follow up with every single lead. And that’s a problem, because research shows that response rates are highest for leads followed up within the first five minutes. Fortunately, your TOP GUN sales reps likely have something else in common – sales automation. You can think of sales automation as the F-14 fighter jet that helps you get things done with a level of speed and precision that would otherwise be impossible. If you’re curious about the impact sales automation can have on your sales team – and some helpful ways to use it – check out this post on the Groove Blog.

Speaking about high growth

Growing a company is hard. Growing a company in a pandemic is even harder. A lot has changed over the past year in the world of B2B sales and marketing, but many of the fundamentals for driving high growth remain the same. If anything, they are just more critical than ever. As the VP of Marketing at Groove, Kristin Hersant has a unique perspective on the subject – from how she’s seen sales leaders at Groove’s customers be successful, to her own experience accelerating Groove’s growth. SalesTech Star recently sat down with Kristin to talk about sales engagement and B2B marketing for their sales industry podcast. Where should sales leaders be focused in these crazy times? You’ll need to listen to find out.


21 for 21
The Closer | 21 for 21

3 strategies for “x.” 7 tips for “y.” 10 ways to “z.” Who doesn’t like a good listicle? While these modest numerals might be adequate for narrow topics, they are woefully inadequate to tackle a much broader subject like the most important sales tips for 2021. To even scratch the surface, you’d need at least twice as many as 10. Some would argue that you need three times as many as seven. Sales consultancy the Rain Group fits squarely in that latter camp with their 21 Sales Tips for 2021. It’s quite possible that the number of tips was not chosen arbitrarily, but we can’t argue with any of their advice. Whether you see that as a challenge or not, we believe you’ll walk away from the exercise as a better salesperson.


If there’s a universal truth about sales people, it’s that they like to win. It turns out that sales people winning is also good for companies. Without going into a philosophical debate of nature versus nurture, suffice it to say that setting sales people up for success is in everyone’s best interest. However, the path to creating a winning B2B sales culture isn’t always so straight forward. The LinkedIn Blog lays out several strategies for developing a culture where salespeople have the foundation, support, guidance, and incentives they need to win. In a world where it can be difficult to find common ground, winning is one area that you can generally count on for strong support.

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