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B2B sales targets for gender diversity are way off

B2B sales targets for gender diversity are way off


B2B sales targets for gender diversity are way off

Close your eyes. Now imagine a B2B salesperson. How many of you pictured a man? Exactly. And that’s a problem. Women make up half of the global workforce, yet less than a third are taking names and closing deals in B2B sales. While that’s an abysmal percentage, it pales in comparison to the meager 12% of women who occupy top sales positions. Fortunately, some smart people are looking at ways to empower female sales leaders. So how do you close the gender diversity gap? You can get insights and recommendations from one of the lead researchers behind these stats – Forrester analyst Mary Shea.

220 reasons to invest in a password manager

If you forget your Netflix password and get locked out of your account, you can always ask one of the five friends you’ve shared your account with to remind you. Losing your email password is a little more treacherous, but it doesn’t even come close to the trauma of being locked out of multi-million dollar fortunes in bitcoin. Imagine owning $220 million in bitcoin, forgetting the password, and only having two guesses left to get it right. Stefan Thomas doesn’t have to imagine. That’s the situation he is in, and he’s not alone according to the New York Times. We’re not sure if this is a lesson in investing in bitcoin or being bad with passwords, but you can solve the latter with a password manager. You’re welcome.


A brand new Groove

The Closer 12-29-29 Image 2

We promised something exciting was coming this week, and we were right! On Tuesday, Groove showcased its new brand on a brand new website. It’s possible that we’re the most excited about this development, but when it comes time for you to research the best sales engagement platforms for large and complex enterprises using Salesforce, your eyeballs will appreciate the detail, attention, and love we’ve poured into it. If you’re interested in learning what’s behind our new look and why the people on our website look so happy, check out this interview with Groove’s VP of Marketing, Kristin Hersant.

Effective sales engagement is a piece of layer cake

We’re not really sure what red velvet cake is made out of, but we sure know it tastes good. When it comes to sales engagement, there is another confection that you should get more familiar with – the Layer Cake Content Strategy. It turns out that putting in place an effective sales engagement content strategy can lead to more deals, more blow-out quotas, more record quarters, and more end-of-year sales celebrations…with cake, of course. You don’t have to even like cake to appreciate the layered best practices framework that Groove VP of Sales Ben Budde presented at TOPO’s 2021 Virtual Summit last week. Get a recap of the sales engagement content strategy Ben presented, plus a link to the session on our blog.


Cleaning up your sales strategies

Cleaning up your sales strategies

Remember last week, when you bought a vacuum cleaner from a traveling salesman? We didn’t think so. Best Buy put that traveling vacuum salesman out of business years ago, and now the Internet is trying to do the same to Best Buy. The internet has also had a profound effect on B2B sales, shifting the balance of power from the seller to the buyer. So how do you survive, much less thrive in this new buyer-first world? LinkedIn’s Sales Blog has five things you should stop doing right now – and what to do instead. Don’t be discouraged. With an updated sales approach, you can really clean up.


Today’s the day. The sales meeting you booked with your most elusive prospect is finally here. You’ve cleared your schedule, picked the perfect Zoom background, and studied up on the account. What happens over the next 45 minutes could make or break your number for the quarter. If only there was a way to read their mind and steer the conversation accordingly. While mind-reading technology is still in its infancy, there are a number of verbal and nonverbal cues that can help signal whether your prospect is buying what you’re selling, or looking for an exit. Having a healthy sales-dar is essential, and Crunchbase lists 10 buying signals you should be paying attention to in your next meeting.

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