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Beyoncé and the future of work

The Closer | t how current workplace trends have fueled the Great Resignation

Beyoncé and the future of work

There have been a lot of stories about the future of work. Until now, however, they have all lacked one thing: Beyoncé. If you had any doubt about the impact of the evolving workplace on society at large, look no further than Queen B’s latest single “Break My Soul.” Instead of focusing on single ladies or milkshakes, Beyoncé tackles issues related to the Great Resignation. Bloomberg takes a look at how current workplace trends have fueled the Great Resignation to a point where it takes center stage on Beyoncé’s new album. Not a fan? Bloomberg also finds ties to the renewed popularity of Paul McCarney and Mick Jagger. When it comes to work, it’s clear that like Mick, many workers can’t get no satisfaction.

Channel tunnel vision

The Channel Tunnel connecting the UK and France may be an amazing feat of engineering, but the views from inside the 50-kilometer underground tube leave a lot to be desired. Whether you’re speaking literally or metaphorically, tunnel vision is rarely a good thing. Channel tunnel vision is a whole other level – especially if you’re in channel sales. According to Forrester Principal Analyst Stephanie Sissler, channel sales organizations can often get fixated on too many metrics or the wrong ones. Check out the Forrester blog for several key channel sales metrics to help you track and predict partner performance.

Deal or no deal

Watching “Deal or No Deal” can be excruciating. Contestants are wracked with anxiety as they decide whether to accept a deal or take a risk for a greater reward. Salespeople have it way worse. Obviously, a prospect accepting a deal is the best outcome. However, even a quick “no” is better than a drawn-out “no decision” that prevents a rep from moving on to more promising deals in their pipeline. So how do you avoid this lose-lose scenario? The Harvard Business Review looks at the psychology behind customer indecision and offers up a four-step method for helping reps overcome customer indecision. If you can’t decide whether to read the article, you probably should.


The Closer | Increasing CRM Adoption

No one likes the dentist

Back when you were just a wee lad or lass, the thought of brushing your teeth made you cringe. Today, that uncomfortable feeling is more likely to come from flossing or wearing your night guard. You promise your dentist you will try harder, but you both know the truth. For sellers, that big evil is updating the CRM. Why waste time logging the conversation you already had? Without high CRM adoption across your sales org, you are losing valuable data and insights that could be costing you customers. If that scares you, it’s time to learn how to increase CRM adoption across your enterprise. And you might as well floss while you’re at it.


The Closer | 3 Words Every Salesperson Needs To Understand

The art of selling

Watching Leonardo DiCaprio out-trick Tom Hanks in the blockbuster film Catch Me If You Can is all fun and games. But in real life, no one enjoys being conned or manipulated. So why do people think that good sellers should be good manipulators? Reality check – good salespeople help buyers find solutions, they don’t push bad products that buyers don’t need. Check out the LinkedIn Sales Blog if you are ready to uncover more of the biggest misconceptions about selling from sales pro and author Donald Kelly. Let Leo master the art of deception while you master the art of selling.

Three words, and three words only

We all want to hear those three little words. Now, while you might be thinking they are “I love you,” “You got paid,” or “You can retire.” The three words we have in mind are a bit different. If you are a seller, you should want to hear that you are “relevant, distinct, and memorable.” Why is that? Because three-fourths of sellers don’t want to talk to you. Being relevant, distinct, and memorable is how you win them over. Forbes breaks down the three words every salesperson needs to know. With this recipe, you could be hearing the three big words, “Sign me up,” sooner than you think.

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