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Blame Amazon

The Closer - Blame Amazon

Blame Amazon

Three minutes. That’s how fast 28% of all purchases on Amazon are completed. Three days. That’s how long I’ll wait for an Amazon package without getting seriously annoyed. It’s clear that consumers are “all in” when it comes to convenience and control, but don’t let the word “consumer” fool you. Many of these consumers are also B2B buyers, and that type of frictionless buying is quickly spilling into the B2B sales arena. However, before you go out and build an app or enable credit card buying on your B2B site, you should read this Crunchbase article to learn what the co-founder of the PreSales Collective has to say about the Modern B2B buyer. Five minutes. That’s all the time it takes to read some helpful insights that could help optimize your B2B sales engine.

4 million quitters

We may not be fully out of the pandemic’s grip, but American workers are definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The economy is roaring back, and it’s bringing along something many employers didn’t expect to see – a huge influx in resignation letters. Confidence in the economy is prompting burnt-out workers to switch jobs, and in some cases, reevaluate their careers altogether. Just how bad is it? Quitting is at a 20-year high, with four million people throwing in the towel in April alone. This should be a wake-up call for employers to take a closer look at their culture and how they can retain valuable employees. The first step is to understand what’s driving the trend, and the Boston Globe has got you covered with a wicked smart article on the “The Great Resignation.”


Get your PhD in Groove

The Closer - Get your PhD in Groove

You have to admit, being at university was pretty great. Unlike high school, you had tons of freedom when it came to choosing your courses and setting your schedule. You could also eat ice cream for breakfast, if that’s what you felt like having. That’s why we’re excited about launching Groove University. This new customer education center gives Groove users the same freedom to learn at their own pace. Whether you have new users who need to be trained, or veteran ones who want to up their game, Groove University offers a wide variety of interactive courses, all segmented by role. We’ve also packed them full of videos and quizzes to keep you engaged. So you don’t have to worry about falling asleep in class, and we don’t put any restrictions on what you can have for breakfast.

Auto Contact Capture, Reloaded

Remember when Groove announced our new Auto Contact Capture feature and all the excitement around being able to automatically identify and add new business contacts to Salesforce? Good times. Whether you heard the news earlier this month or somehow managed to miss it, we highly recommend reading GZ Consulting’s in-depth look at Groove Auto Contact Capture. You’ll learn what it does, how it works, and why a better understanding of a buying committee can help you close more deals. This is such an incredibly useful and powerful capability, that we think it warrants taking a second (or first) look.


Ops, IT did it again

The Closer - Ops, IT did it again

DevOps, SalesOps, RevOps… Oh, baby, baby, does the ever-expanding world of operations get confusing. And that’s not even scratching the surface. The “Ops” moniker is more popular today than one particular Britney Spears’ song was in its heyday. One could argue that the recent convergence of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success Operations under the Revenue Operations umbrella sparked its current stardom, and now almost every area of business has its own flavor of operations. Sound confusing? Don’t worry, because Scott Brinker at ChiefMartec has broken the convergence of all the digital ops into what he calls “Big Ops.” If one glance isn’t enough, it’s okay to look, baby, one more time.

Speaking of SalesOps…

Now that the previous article has unraveled the deep mysteries of Big Ops, it’s time to narrow your focus to one very important flavor – Sales Ops. Obviously, Sales Ops plays a key role in helping sales organizations make informed, data-driven decisions – but what’s the best way to manage it within your organization? The function has grown exponentially in recent years, and it’s now responsible for supporting more areas of sales than ever before. And with these increasing responsibilities, how should you direct your People Ops people to find and hire the right candidates? And how do you convince Finance Ops to pay for skyrocketing salaries? LinkedIn interviewed the director of revenue operations at CB Insights to get answers to all of these Sales Ops questions and many more.

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