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Bury the lead

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Bury the lead

Salespeople are a lot like journalists. They both have incredible drive, are excellent at conducting research, and often don’t get the respect they deserve. However, whereas journalists have been told their entire career to not bury the lead, it turns out that sales people might benefit from doing just that. For salespeople, we’re talking about the demise of the sales lead. From the dawn of B2B sales, reps have been focused on leads. Forrester believes it’s time to change that up. Forrester VPs Terry Flaherty and Mike Pregler were recently interviewed for the “What it Means” podcast about why sales teams need to shift from leads to buying groups. Yes, this bit of information is the lead, and we buried it. Our apologies.

Quitting time

Remember the Great Resignation? Gotcha. That’s a trick question. We’re pretty sure it’s impossible to reminisce about something you’re actively dealing with. Much like Covid, inflation, and political posts on LinkedIn, we’d love for the Great Resignation to be over. However, the 4.4M Americans who quit their jobs last month say otherwise. Even in a slowing economy, it’s critical to retain your top performers. It might seem like a daunting challenge, but Forbes has outlined four steps employers can take to understand and reduce employee resignations. Some fixes are easier than others, but no one has ever called you a quitter.

The YOLO months

Drake’s “YOLO” became a teenage rallying cry in 2012. “You Only Live Once” was liberally used as justification for avoiding homework, skipping class, and sneaking out on a hot summer night. Teenagers viewed their YOLO experiences as a taste of the endless freedom adults enjoy every day. In reality, adults are saddled with the responsibilities of work, family, and everyday life. Many of us did get more freedom with the pandemic-induced shift to remote work, but the rise of hybrid work is threatening all of that. The Wall Street Journal digs into how some hybrid companies are giving employees several weeks each year to work from anywhere. Nostalgically, one startup is calling it the “YOLO months,” although avoiding work is not encouraged.


The Closer | RevenueNext

Rev into RevenueNext

From YOLO to FOMO. The fear of missing out is real, especially when the thing you’re missing out on is epic, like RevenueNext. Yesterday, Groove hosted its quarterly product showcase, and it was chock full of valuable content from a host of inspiring speakers. In addition to hearing from Product leaders about all of our new products like Groove Conversations and the Groove+ Mobile app, attendees also got to hear leaders from Brooksource and Entrata talk about the benefits these products are generating for them in the real-world. If you’re a Groove customer, and you weren’t able to attend the session, we’ve got a cure for your FOMO. Check your email or contact your CSM for the event recording.


The Closer | The 3 Sales Mindsets

Level three seller: activated

When you pick up a new sport, you first need to buy the gear and learn the rules. To level up, you have to put in hard work and practice. If you want to become an elite athlete, you must master the physical and mental game. Sales works the same way. Simply learning the physical job requirements is not enough to become a top performer. You also have to master the mindset. Luckily, the LinkedIn Sales Blog breaks down the three sales mindsets and how to progress to the highest level. Not everyone can be Tiger Woods, but with the right training and mindset you could be the next sales star.

The best days of our lives

1969: a year well known for Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, legendary songs about its endless summer, and the first message sent from one computer to another. Okay, maybe the latter isn’t as common knowledge as the first two, but it was just as big of a leap for mankind. That one message led to the creation of the electronic mail system, otherwise known as email. Flash forward to today, and emailing is a hot topic in sales prospecting. With the rise of hybrid schedules comes a decline in successful cold calls, meaning sellers need to sharpen their email skills more than ever before. But worry not, Salesforce compiled the best email tips for sellers. Hopefully every email you send from now on can be as memorable as the summer of ‘69.

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