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Buyers, tech, teams, and more

The Closer | Buyers, tech, teams, and more

Buyers, tech, teams, and more

Whether you saw it coming or not, 2022 is here. As sales leaders transition into the new year, they have a lot on their minds. Are you thinking what they’re thinking? It would be really helpful to know the types of questions, concerns, and priorities that other sales leaders have for the year ahead. That’s probably why Forrester principal analyst Rick Bradberry decided to document the top five topics asked by revenue leaders in the last quarter of the year. From meeting buyers expectations to leveraging the right technologies, you can find out if the same things are spinning around your brain.

Beyond the Ben Franklin

When it comes to closing tactics, the Ben Franklin and the Puppy Dog have been used by salespeople for years. Solution selling has been around a long time too, but many sales teams struggle getting their reps to adopt this more comprehensive and consultative sales strategy. There are a number of reasons why solution selling isn’t more widely adopted – and having a boring name isn’t one of them. You can learn how to overcome the three main challenges to solution selling adoption from Scott Edinger’s latest article in the Harvard Business Review. As Ben Franklin once said, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Talk less, listen more

Remember the kid in class who would never stop talking? Don’t be that guy on your next sales call. Today’s buyer just wants to be heard. Instead of telling the buyer why to buy, the new buyer-centric seller needs to listen to the buyer’s pain points, and solve the buyer’s problems. Yet, surprisingly, active listening is not a top skill sales leaders look for when hiring reps. New research shows that while only 26% of sales managers prioritize active listening with prospective hires, 42% of buyers value active listening in salespeople. Neglecting the buyer will cost you. LinkedIn is making the transition to buyer-first selling easier, by analyzing the four traits buyers look for in salespeople.


Simply powerful

The Closer | Simply powerful

How do you make it easy for hundreds of full-cycle sellers to be more productive and collaborative? That’s the challenge Brooksource was looking to solve. After evaluating the top sales engagement platforms, Brooksource quickly learned that Groove was the only one that was tailor-made for full-cycle sellers. Instead of a cluttered UI crammed full of BDR-focused features, Groove offered a simple yet powerful solution. Sales enablement manager Mitch Thomas describes it this way: “From day one, our reps saw how intuitive the platform was, how much time it was going to save them, and how it would make them more effective at their jobs.” Watch the Brooksource video testimonial on the Groove blog to learn more.


The multi-buyer-verse

The Closer | The multi-buyer-verseAs people and technology evolve, so does business. Selling has transformed from spreadsheets to CRM, door-to-door to virtual, and leads to opportunities. If you want to grow your pipeline in the modern selling era, you have to make sure your selling teams are on the same page. From one buyer to many, relying on single leads can cloud your selling process. Using Forrester’s B2B Revenue Waterfall, Senior Research Director Phil Harrell recommends focusing on opportunities, selling to buying groups not individuals, and segmenting opportunities types to align your sales and marketing teams to generate more pipeline.

Flex your selling

Even though sales has been around forever, we don’t typically promote advice from dated sources – especially ones from more than 2,000 years ago. However, when Aesop wrote “a reed before the wind lives on, while mighty oaks do fall,” he may very well have been trying to warn sales leaders about the perils of inflexible sales frameworks. Fast-forward to today, and empowered buyers only intensify the need for agile sales processes. Aesop doesn’t provide any specifics in this area, but SellingPower picks up the slack with an in-depth analysis of the three main reasons sales teams should adopt sales agility.

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