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Bloomberg Technology Examines Salesforce’s $27.7 Billion Slack Acquisition Announcement in interview with Groove CEO Chris Rothstein

News of Salesforce’s record $5.42 billion Q3 Fiscal 2021 earnings on Tuesday was completely eclipsed by the announcement of its definitive agreement to acquire Slack for $27.7B. Not only was this Salesforce’s largest acquisition to date, the size of the deal also surprised many investors, which caused Salesforce’s shares to dip slightly in after-hours trading.


Groove: Top-Rated College Recruitment Software

The process of recruiting the best of the best students to any college can be somewhat chaotic. Juggling contacts, emails, text messages, events, applications, marketing campaigns, and more — it’s a lot to manage and keep up with. Here, we’re sharing some of our top picks for college recruitment software and why it’s an investment worth considering.


The Best Email & Calendaring Tools for Sales Teams

For Sales and Customer Teams, the email inbox and online calendar are arguably their two most-trafficked applications on a daily basis. These 7 email & calendar tools can help sales and customer teams be more efficient at each stage of the sales process.