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Cloudy with a chance of revenue

The Closer | Cloudy with a chance of revenue

Cloudy with a chance of revenue

People expect weather forecasts to be a bit, well, mercurial. However, the stakes are a lot higher when you’re talking about sales forecasts. Not surprisingly, sales leaders are focused on tracking a select number of sales metrics that they believe will help them predict revenue as accurately as possible. However, this laser focus on a narrow set of metrics can cloud their view of other indices that could be used to improve their chances of hitting forecasts. According to sales consultant Scott Edinger, “when it comes to sales metrics, a tremendous amount of time is spent reviewing information that leaders can do very little to influence.” Read Scott’s Harvard Business Review article to learn which sales metrics leaders should be tracking to drive growth.

Compassionate leadership takes center stage

Vision, confidence, integrity, communication skills. These are all qualities that have been firmly established as indelible traits of a successful leader. However, there’s another important characteristic that is finally getting the attention it deserves: compassion. After more than a year of the uncertainty, isolation, and overall stress of the pandemic, the importance of compassionate leadership has become more clear than ever before. If you’re thinking that this sounds nice, but you have questions about what it really means, you’re in luck. The Salesforce blog takes a look at why more leaders are embracing empathy and compassion and how they are applying it within their own organizations.

Get ready to meet some change

From vaccination protocols and office space modifications to aligning schedules for hybrid workers, there’s a lot of change that companies have to manage as they prepare to welcome employees back to the office. However, there’s one particularly important change that organizations may not be taking into account: their employees. After more than a year of working remotely, employees have settled into new routines, and many will be loath to give up the flexibility and autonomy they have gained during the grand social experiment thrust upon us by the pandemic. The Wall Street Journal takes a look at how remote working is changing the interests and expectations of employees and how organizations should respond.


Let’s get vertical

The Closer | Let’s get vertical

Can we all agree that the phrase “one size fits all” is incredibly dishonest? When you make a garment that can be worn by anyone, rest assured that it will look good on almost no one. However, when it comes to technology, too many vendors take a similar approach with rigid products that don’t easily or neatly conform to how businesses in multiple industries actually work. That’s what makes Groove unique. Thanks to our Salesforce-native architecture, Groove is the only Sales Engagement Platform that is flexible enough to align to the unique needs of any industry. Financial Services, Healthcare, Advertising, Higher Education – you name it – Groove can easily adapt to an industry’s unique workforce and custom workflows. Check out Groove’s Solutions page to see how we support the needs of seven different industries.


What’s your calling plan?

The Closer | What’s your calling plan?

No, we’re not talking about cellular data limits or hotspot access. What kind of a plan do you have for sales calls? Phone calls are a critical part of the sales process, and, when done effectively, can break down objections and build trust. Given how difficult it can be to get a prospect on the phone, you don’t want to jeopardize a connection for lack of planning. Sales consultancy the RAIN Group recommends six sales call planning questions that you should have answers to before picking up the phone. Get these questions and several other helpful tips on the Rain Group’s blog, and watch your conversion rates go off the hook.

It’s sales, technically

Sales reps are from Mars and sales engineers are…likely the ones that got them to Mars in the first place. While sales reps and sales engineers (SEs) are united around the common goal of closing a deal, the ways that they think about the deal and how to best move it across the goal line are completely different. It starts with motivation. A sales rep is looking to do whatever they can do to hit their number, while providing a valuable solution to the prospect. The sales engineer is looking to provide a valuable solution to the prospect, full stop. With such different perspectives, how do you build the rapport that is essential to closing deals? Chris White, the founder of sales training organization DemoDoctor shared some strategies for building trust between reps and SEs in his latest article for Selling Power.

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