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Compensating for something

The Closer | Compensating for something


Compensating for something

If pundits and sales soothsayers are correct, acquisitions and mergers are going to heat up as we approach the end of the pandemic. As a sales leader, welcoming a new sales team under your wings can be exciting and challenging – you don’t want to crack any eggs when adding new ones to the nest. There is one area that requires special attention to prevent sales teams from squawking: compensation. Much like a car parked under telephone wires, merging two compensation plans can be pretty messy. If that metaphor resonated a little too strongly, you’ll be happy as a lark to discover these three M&A compensation strategies recommended by Gartner analyst Dave Egloff.

Even sick days aren’t immune

Every company has them: employees who refuse to let a pesky cold or flu keep them from coming into work. With everyone working from home, this is one less thing for the rest of us to worry about. However, it turns out that all of this working from home is causing another health-related crisis – the demise of the sick day. Even before the pandemic, the sick day was ailing. Instead of resting and recuperating, many employees would choose to stay home and work through their illness. Research now shows that being sick can have a greater impact on productivity and brain power than downing a few dirty martinis. Bloomberg examines how the pandemic is causing people to take fewer sick days and why businesses should be pursuing a remedy.


The opposite of oxymoron

The Closer | The opposite of oxymoron

Revenue intelligence. Even if you’re still wrapping your head around this emerging category of sales technology, those two words just feel right together. Unlike “jumbo shrimp” or “working holiday,” revenue intelligence sounds like something you need – and if you’re in sales, you certainly do. That’s why Groove is excited to announce new opportunity and pipeline management capabilities that work with its advanced activity capture to provide sales teams with a new level of collaboration using real-time CRM data. After using our interactive workspace to conduct live pipeline reviews that push data back to Salesforce, we think you’ll recognize a new oxymoron: collaborative spreadsheets.

Unmasking the post-pandemic B2B buyer

One year. It’s been a full year since sales teams around the world have traded in Las Vegas trade show adventures and four-course prospect dinners for back-to-back zoom meetings and Sendoso-delivered UberEats gift cards. At the time, we didn’t know what kind of impact the pandemic would have on B2B sales, but we’ve certainly learned a lot since. McKinsey Research and Salesforce took a more formal approach by surveying B2B buyers and sellers to see what was working and what wasn’t. Instead of pointing you to spreadsheets of survey data, we organized some of the key findings in a blog post about three B2B buyer shifts that remote sellers should embrace in a post-pandemic world.


Sistas in Sales

The Closer | Sistas in Sales

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re calling attention to Sistas in Sales. This organization isn’t just committed to bringing more women into sales, but more specifically women of color. Recent research from Forrester revealed that only a third of B2B sales reps are women, and an even smaller percentage are Black. That despite the fact that women-led sales teams deliver higher win rates. Crunchbase recently interviewed Sistas in Sales founder Chantal George about her journey to sales and the work her organization is doing to get other Black women down the same path.

Keeping it real

Authenticity has become a ubiquitous buzzword. The term might be woefully overused, but there is a good reason for it. Just as a baseball fan will shell our serious cash for a signed jersey from their favorite player, people are drawn to people who come across as authentic. This has been a powerful sales tool from the very beginning, but COVID is throwing B2B reps an authenticity curve ball. Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to hit curveballs – it just takes a little practice. LinkedIn hit the virtual selling batting cages and identified several ways to convey authenticity from a distance that will be a home run with buyers. Batter up!

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