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Converged and confused

The Closer - Converged and confused


Converged and confused

When it comes to movies, Dazed and Confused launched the career of Matthew McConaughey and gained widespread acclaim as one of the finest teen comedies ever made. When it comes to SalesTech, “converged” and “confused” are states of being that Forrester has associated with this expansive and fast-growing category. According to Principal Analyst Anthony McPartlin, there are three areas of SalesTech that are the source of the greatest confusion and convergence: revenue intelligence, revenue operations, and sales engagement. If you’re investigating SalesTech providers in any of these areas, check out Forrester’s recommendations for avoiding overlap and confusion. We think you’ll find these insights alright, alright, alright.

Excessive background checks

We’ve all been there. It’s three minutes before your Zoom call starts, and you quickly survey the scene behind your laptop camera and make any necessary adjustments to remove potential distractions and peer judgment. Even if you have a Zoom virtual background ready to go, you wouldn’t want to find yourself exposed if the meeting turned out to be hosted with Google Meet. And all of that is assuming that you don’t have dogs or kids running through the background. If you’re feeling anxiety about maintaining the perfect Zoom background you’re not alone. We’re all in this pandemic together, and Wired Magazine has some words of advice for anyone struggling with maintaining a socially acceptable remote-working environment.


Sendoso, inbox it goes

The Closer - Sendoso, inbox it goes

Think about how you feel when you get an email from a software vendor. Now imagine if that email were instead a box of cookies. Your mood just changed a little, didn’t it? Sendoso has become the leader in gifting in part because of how you feel about cookies…and gift cards and greetings from celebrities. It should come as no surprise that sales reps can generate much higher response rates using personalized gifting, which is why Groove is particularly excited about announcing a new enhanced Sendoso integration. Now, AEs and CSMs can send out gifts to prospects and customers without leaving their inbox. You can think of our integration as a gift that keeps on giving.

Groove on Salesforce Q4 Earnings

Salesforce announced its Q4 2020 earnings yesterday, and there’s a lot to unpack. Fortunately, we know a helpful guide to walk us through it. “Who’s that,” you ask? We’re not talking about Marc Benioff, but the expert that Bloomberg TV anchor Emily Chang chose to interview about the announcement: Groove CEO, Chris Rothstein. Watch Emily’s Bloomberg Technology segment for an insightful conversation about all things Salesforce: competition, acquisitions, growth strategies, and more. They didn’t get a chance to talk about how cute the Salesforce mascots are, but we hope it’s a topic for their next conversation.


Book more revenue with these black voices

The Closer - Book more revenue with these black voices

Black History Month is almost over, but the opportunity to learn from accomplished black sales leaders is evergreen. Do you know the five post-pandemic sales strategies you should be thinking about now? How about the ideal blueprint for establishing sales enablement excellence? Are you still trying to figure out how to achieve sales-marketing alignment within your organization? There’s never been a better time to invest in getting smart on these topics and many more. If you’re ready to advance your career, you can find six exceptional sales leadership books by black authors on the Linkedin Sales Blog.

Turning zeros into heroes

While a large percentage of internet memes include cats, there is one without any feline antics but tons of good advice. Maybe you’ve seen it: “10 Things That Require Zero Talent.” When we talk about talented sales people, it often turns out that a lot of their success can be attributed to many of these ten things that the all-knowing meme has clearly stated don’t require any talent at all. Being on Time, Work Ethic, Energy…the list goes on (for 7 more, because, math!). According to the popular blog SalesGravy, embracing these 10 habits can have a big impact on your sales career. They’ve also gone to the trouble to map these principles to things you can do in sales every day. If you’re tempted to dismiss this as a gimmick, remember #7 – be coachable.

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