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CSO motto

The Closer | CSO Actions to Prepare for the Future of Sales

CSO motto

When it comes to sales leaders, let’s just say that not all of them are Boy Scouts. A lot of them are Girl Scouts, off-brand wilderness guides, or conscientious objectors who preferred to play video games in the basement. However, when it comes to managing sales teams, a good many of them abide by the infamous Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. That’s a good thing, because the future of sales is upon us, and preparation is key. According to Daniel Hawkyard, a senior principal in Gartner’s Sales Leaders Program, there are four areas that CSOs should focus on to prepare for the future of sales. So, embrace the Boy Scout motto and go sell like a Girl Scout with a case of Thin Mints.

Sales tech mayhem – Yesware edition

Here at “The Closer”, we wish we could take credit for the term “Sales Tech Mayhem,” but a large analyst firm beat us to it. Gartner has been talking about mergers and acquisitions in the white-hot sales tech arena since the summer of last year, and the mayhem keeps on coming. The latest flavor of mayhem took place this week with SMB technology provider Vendasta acquiring Yesware. Vendasta is a leader in providing technology services to 6 million local businesses and other SMBs around the world, and now they’ve scooped up Yesware to add sales engagement to their product mix. Where will mayhem strike next? We’ll leave that to Gartner. We just report the news.

Remotely productive

86.4% of remote workers do laundry during the workday. That stat is made up, but it sounds about right. However, does it make remote workers any less productive than their office-laden counterparts? And on that note, what’s the best way to measure productivity in this new hybrid-working world? Plus, how the heck do you maintain a healthy company culture? These are good questions that deserve good answers. Inc. Magazine apparently agrees, as they recently published the article, “How Leaders Can Unleash Productivity and Embrace the New Workplace.” Go ahead and check it out, after you unload the dishwasher.



The Closer | Tenable Case Study

A Tenable position

Bigfoot, flat earth, aliens. These are not easily defended ideas. However a certain enthusiasm for Groove and our Salesforce-native architecture is a very Tenable position. We know that, because we interviewed Matt Mullin, Senior Director of Growth Marketing, Operations, and Technology at Tenable, and that’s what he told us. More specifically, he said our native integration with Salesforce made choosing Groove a “no-brainer.” We think Matt’s affinity for Groove might also have to do with the millions of dollars it has saved Tenable in operational costs. Read more of Matt’s musings on Groove and Tenable in our case study. It’s a no-brainer.



The Closer | 7 Tips for Differentiating in the Selling Process

I’m different, yeah I’m different

You have probably heard that “there are a million fish in the sea” when it comes to dating. Well, actually, there are almost 8 billion fish – er, we mean people – so you really have to make the case for why you are better than the other guy. Whether it’s dating, a job interview, sports tryouts, or a sales call, differentiating yourself from the competition can make you a winner. Sellers today are competing with humans and robots, so to close the deal you need to not only differentiate the product but also yourself as a seller. Thankfully, RAIN Group has seven tips for differentiating in the selling process to help you get to closed-won. Take your mom’s advice – being different is cool.

A personal journey to success

Teamwork makes the dream work, but self-work makes your dreams reality. The media is constantly talking about self-improvement through therapy, journaling, and meditation, but what about career improvement? Successful sellers have a growth mindset; they know that their success is ultimately dependent on their own skill progression. Now, we would also like our mentors to hold our hands and do the work for us, but that just isn’t going to happen. You have to get your hands dirty. To help you out, the LinkedIn Sales Blog put together the seven steps for achieving your goals from successful sellers who own their growth. But, sorry, we aren’t revealing the tips here. No hand-holding allowed.

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