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Didn’t see that coming

The Closer | Didn’t see that coming

Didn’t see that coming

The meteoric rise of cryptocurrency. William Shatner blasting off into space. Kim and Kanye getting divorced. There are a lot of things in life you can’t predict (although, one of those we should have seen coming). In the world of B2B sales, however, there are things that you should get good at predicting. Future sales is one of the big ones. Sales organizations often struggle with sales forecasting, but there are a number of things you can do to improve your accuracy. According to Dave Egloff, Vice President and Analyst in Gartner’s Sales Practice, there are five obstacles to sales forecasting that you need to overcome. You may never see the next Squid Games coming, but you can get better at predicting future sales.

Revenue operations of the future

With the sales and revenue operations function being relatively new, it’s hard to predict what it will look like 20 years from now – even if the previous article made you really good at sales forecasting. However, if you’re curious about the future of revenue operations, and you’re okay with reducing the timeline from 20 years to 1 year, Forrester VP and Research Director Steve Silver has some ideas about what an effective revenue operations team will be focused on in 2022. From expanding revenue types to improving targeting and territory design, Forrester has five recommendations that sales and revops teams should follow to create a better experience for buyers and sellers in the not-very-distant-at-all future.

Work from Work Wednesday

Remember the “Great Office Reopening?” Good times. The pandemic was having none of it. In the wake of employers’ reluctance to set another return to office date, a new trend is being embraced by corporate America: hybrid work. However, having employees split their time between home and office has its own set of challenges – and a new vocabulary. “One Zoom, All Zoom.” “Office-Centric Hybrid.” “On-site Offsites.” These are all new terms being bandied about as companies experiment with hybrid work. In this New York Times article, you’ll learn how companies are transitioning to hybrid work, the challenges they’re facing, and what exactly is meant by “Work from Work Wednesdays.”


Thanks for the support

The Closer | Thanks for the supportThanksgiving is one of those rare holidays that hasn’t strayed very far from its original intent. Supermarkets may be pushing frozen turkeys and fresh-baked pumpkin pies, but these delicacies ultimately serve the higher purpose of bringing people together for a day of thankfulness. At Groove, we are thankful for all of our amazing customers and the trust they’ve put in us to support and accelerate their sales goals. One way we show gratitude to our customers is through our world-class customer support. We recently asked our customers about their experience with Groove’s support team, and we were bowled over by the passion of their responses. To all of our customers, employees, partners, and ardent readers of The Closer, we wish you a happy and healthy start to the winter holiday season.


Virtually existent sales behaviors

The Closer | Virtually existent sales behaviorsFor many B2B sales organizations, opportunities to meet with prospective buyers are virtually non-existent right now. That means that sellers need to learn virtual sales skills that enable them to effectively nurture and guide prospects through the buyer’s journey from afar. The challenge is that most sales organizations aren’t measuring the virtual sales behaviors that are driving results. Julie Thomas, president and CEO of ValueSelling Associates knows this because her firm recently interviewed 464 sales leaders to better understand the behaviors that matter most at each stage of the virtual buyer’s journey. If you’re curious what they might be, Julie has laid out three things sales reps can do to establish and build credibility, trust, and rapport with buyers.

The long game

New quarter, new quota. With all of the pressure to meet quarterly goals, it’s tempting to focus solely on bringing in the quick deals and easy wins. When it comes to the huge opportunities, the whales, the deals of legend, these require reps to carve out ample time to play the long game. When you learn that a dream client just signed with a competitor, that shouldn’t be a signal to give up. In fact, it’s the perfect time to employ the “Zero Year Approach.” Learn how to nurture hard-to-win clients while still closing the easier deals from long-game master and sales consultant Anthony Iannarino. You won’t score as often playing the long game, but you’ll rack up a ton more points.

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