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Einstein ventures into relationships

The Closer | Einstein ventures into relationships

Einstein ventures into relationships

If Einstein were alive today, he’d be 138 years old and likely not interested in initiating a bunch of new relationships. However, Salesforce’s Einstein AI for CRM is only 4 years old and apparently all in. On Wednesday, Salesforce announced Einstein Relationships Insights as a new AI-powered tool designed to scour both the Internet and internal resources to uncover hidden relationships that can help salespeople close deals. Will this new product completely revolutionize sales as we know it? Well, you know with Einstein, everything is relative.

Post-pandemic predictions

If headlines from thousands of news articles are to be believed, the world of B2B sales has changed forever. Remote selling has forced sellers to take a more creative and empathic approach to engaging buyers, all of which requires more time and effort. While the loosening of pandemic restrictions will allow some normalcy to return to B2B sales, most buyers won’t be interested in reverting to the status quo. That’s probably why the myriad articles about the future of sales emphasize the need for automation to eliminate manual tasks and surface insights so sellers can spend more time selling. That’s what CRM Buyer found when they interviewed leaders from four sales tech companies about what a post-pandemic recovery means for B2B sales.

How confident are you?

According to Gartner, 54% percent of Millennials prefer a rep-free experience. While that number shrinks to 43% for GenXers and 29% for Baby Boomers, it’s not a rosy statistic for the B2B sales profession. Fortunately, Gartner asked more questions and found a 23% increase in regret for these rep-free buyers. What’s the take-away? The way to combat regret is to make buyers feel confident in their decisions. And it turns out that’s something sellers can be trained to do very effectively. That’s just one take-away from Gartner’s CSO & Sales Leader Conference last month. If you really like take-aways AND expert analyst insights, you should check out Gartner’s CSO & Sales Leader conference ebook.


Auto Contact Capture to the rescue

The Closer | Auto Contact Capture to the rescue

Statistically speaking, there’s probably at least one salesperson who enjoys creating contacts in Salesforce. Love or hate it, creating contacts for everyone involved in the buying process is essential, as it’s the only way to know who’s in the buying committee and their level of engagement. These are critical insights that can greatly increase your odds of closing a deal. If only there was an easier way… Introducing Groove Auto Contact Capture, the powerful new feature that automatically identifies and adds new business contacts to Salesforce. This news might disappoint the one salesperson who loves manual research and data entry, but we’re confident the rest of you are going to love having previously unknown contacts added to Salesforce when they’re cc-d on emails or included in meetings as contacts.


RevOps gets (a) graphic

The Closer | RevOps gets (a) graphic

At this point, we all know that RevOps is incredibly essential to the smooth running of a modern go-to-market team. However, what if you had to explain it to someone who doesn’t know that? How would you go about explaining why it exists and why they should care? Before you start putting together a four-part response that includes a general explanation of RevOps, the makeup of an ideal team, essential skills, and what it takes to start or expand a team, we should probably let you know that SalesforceBen has created already created a handy RevOps infographic that explain it all. If we’re too late, and you already created your response, that’s very impressive.

Just don’t say “no”

If there’s one word that salespeople are all too intimately familiar with, it’s “no.” While it’s only two measly letters, it has the power to bring a lucrative opportunity to a screeching halt. Sales objections are part and parcel of the process, so there is no avoiding them. What you can do is get better at overcoming objections with a multi-step approach. Sales consultancy the RAIN Group believes an effective strategy for overcoming sales objections contains four steps. Unfortunately, the steps don’t lend themselves to being an easy-to-remember acronym, unless somehow LURC triggers something for you. You can learn more about their Listen, Understand, Respond, Confirm approach on their blog.

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