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Flex your work

The Closer | Zoom Survey: Executives Want Flexible Work, Too

Flex your work

The number of hot dogs you can eat. How many times you’ve been to Nebraska. The size of your aluminum pop tab collection. These are all weird flexes, but OK. The ultimate flex these days is the ability to work from wherever you want. Numerous studies have shown the popularity of remote and hybrid work for employees; however, it turns out that executives are just as excited about the arrangement – if not more. In a recent Zoom survey, 90% of business leaders preferred a hybrid or remote working environment. Check out the full survey results to learn why leaders believe remote and hybrid work benefit both employees and the business. When it comes to working remotely, there’s nothing weird about it.

Rapid recruitment rules

The Tesla Model S Plaid can go zero to sixty in two seconds. That’s pretty impressive, but if you need to accelerate seller recruitment, a Tesla is pretty useless. As a sales leader, injecting blistering speed into your hiring process can help you meet the staffing levels you need to exceed your performance goals. Speed in hiring has always been important, but in this turbulent economy, it’s quickly become a CSO superpower. According to Gartner Senior Director Analyst Christopher Gamble, there are three things every sales leader should do to supercharge their recruiting efforts. With these strategies, you can create a rapid recruiting hyperloop way before Elon finishes his.

Alive and kicking

“The report of my death was an exaggeration,” wrote Mark Twain to a newspaper reporter in 1897. Twain was talking about himself, but if he were alive today, he could have just as easily been talking about B2B sales. Yes, buyers have more information and control in the buying process than ever before, but the B2B salesperson still plays a critical role in building the mutual understanding and trust needed to close a deal – and that largely comes down to transparency and collaboration. According to Tom Williams, Head of Align at Clari, there are three steps sellers can take to build trust and streamline the buying process, and they all revolve around a Mutual Action Plan. Don’t delay, for in the immortal words of Twain, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”



The Closer | Sales engagement rules of engagement

Rules of engagement

In the movie Top Gun: Maverick, top brass gave very specific rules of engagement for a clandestine mission – and Maverick, of course, ignored them. Sadly, non-fictional sales reps on the B2B battlefield don’t have the luxury of a Hollywood ending to smooth over any missteps or dereliction of duty. Sales leaders put in very specific rules of engagement for a reason: they have been proven to help close deals. While every revenue org will have their specific rules, DailyHawker offers up its own five sales rules of engagement to accelerate growth. One of the five rules is to equip your reps with the right tools, such as a sales engagement platform like Groove. Once you’ve achieved success with these rules, it’s up to you on whether you want to buzz the tower.


The Closer | 3 Sales Enablement Tips to Ignite Your Selling Engine

How Salesforce enables its sales force

With a name like Salesforce, you can reasonably expect that they know a thing or two about effectively managing a, well, sales force. Salesforce didn’t grow into a multi-billion dollar company by accident. A lot of solid strategy was involved, and Salesforce is now sharing that knowledge with anyone who is interested via its series “Salesforce on Salesforce.” For example, say you’re interested in how Salesforce empowers their sales teams to be better sellers. In its latest article, Micah Jacobson, Salesforce’s senior director of enablement and innovation, offers up “3 Sales Enablement Tips to Ignite Your Selling Engine.” Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how relevant training and coaching in the flow of work can be a force for accelerating sales.


The term “GOAT” gets thrown around a lot these days as a term of high praise, but the requirements for being called “the greatest of all time” seem a little fuzzy. Is a sales manager really the GOAT for ordering a round of drinks at the bar? RAIN Group applied a little more scientific rigor to identify the best sales managers in a recent survey. Better yet, they analyzed the data and discovered 10 roles that top-performing sales managers play to inspire and support their sales teams. And because RAIN Group knows you’re short on time, they compiled all of their data and recommendations in a handy infographic. If that’s not a bleetin’ GOAT move, I don’t know what is.

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