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Forrester Refines Sales Enablement Automation Segments in New “Now Tech” Report

On May 27, Forrester published its Now Tech: Sales Enablement Automation, Q2 2020 report to help buyers understand the range of sales tech solutions that can help sellers become more effective and efficient. This new report also identifies four segments of platforms that fall within the Sales Engagement Automation market.

Before revealing the four segments, it’s important to understand how Forrester analysts Laura Ramos and Mary Shea define Sales Enablement Automation in the new report.

Sales Enablement Automation Defined
“Tools and technology that help sellers work in a more coordinated customer-relevant manner to increase revenue lift, minimize the costs associated with sales, and deliver more meaningful experiences to buyers.”
Source: Forrester, “Now Tech: Sales Enablement Automation, Q2 2020”
Put more plainly, Forrester sees Sales Enablement Automation as technology that gives sellers more time to sell, makes them more effective and relevant with buyers, and helps them acquire skills and apply them in appropriate buying scenarios.

Four Segments of Sales Enablement Automation Providers
To accomplish all of this, Forrester breaks down these sales technologies into four segments:

  1. Sales Content – Platforms that help sellers discover and share relevant content at relevant points throughout the sales cycle and evaluate their effectiveness.
  2. Sales Readiness – Platforms that help sellers up-level their skills via digital coaching and collaboration and help ensure consistent messaging and customer experiences.
  3. Sales Engagement – Platforms that help sellers automate manual tasks, sequence omnichannel touchpoints, set up workflows, and capture and upload data from buyers’ and sellers’ interactions.
  4. Hybrid – New and legacy platforms that have a breadth of capabilities ranging from coaching to predictive analytics, workflow, and content management.

The report takes a deep dive into each of these four segments and provides an overview of 32 providers broken down by market presence and functionality. B2B sales and marketing leaders will also find recommendations for evaluating and selecting the right vendor for their business.
Why should revenue teams be following the Sales Enablement Automation market closely? Forrester makes it very clear:

“To remain competitive, B2B organizations must transform experiences for buyers, sellers, and marketers while delivering greater efficiencies and more commercial lift to the business. Using a simplified version of Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) framework, Forrester can show that the reduction in time that sales reps spend on administrative or lower-value tasks thanks to SEA tools accounts for 65% of the total revenue benefit resulting from SE modernization.”
Source: Forrester, “Now Tech: Sales Enablement Automation, Q2 2020”

Forrester clients can access and others can purchase the Now Tech: Sales Enablement Automation, Q2 2020 report on their website.  Revenue teams looking to evaluate sales engagement platforms can learn about Groove on our platform page.  To learn more about sales engagement platforms and what they do, read “The Definitive Guide to Sales Engagement Platforms.”

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