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Groove and Vertical IQ Bring Industry Knowledge to Relationship Managers’ Fingertips

Groove and Vertical IQ partnership

Groove is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with industry intelligence provider Vertical IQ that gives sales professionals access to relevant industry data from their inbox, enabling them to be prepared for every conversation.

Together, Groove and Vertical IQ have created a new integration that enables relationship managers and other financial services reps to easily access industry data from within the Groove platform. By bringing Vertical IQ’s extensive research into the inbox, this integration enables reps to have more relevant and impactful sales conversations at every stage of the customer journey.

Vertical IQ’s Industry Intelligence covers more than 94 percent of the U.S. economy and Canada. Its extensive insight equips marketing, sales, and customer success professionals with highly targeted and relevant industry knowledge to build stronger relationships with prospects and customers. Now, joint customers can access this information from Gmail, Outlook, or any other webpage via the Groove Omnibar.

“It’s not uncommon for reps to speak to a hundred people a day across multiple verticals, and our integration with Vertical IQ gives them the industry intelligence they need to have impactful conversations every single time,” said Chris Rothstein, CEO and co-founder of Groove. “With Groove and Vertical IQ, reps can now get access to industry knowledge in a single click from wherever they work.”

Integration Benefits

Benefits of Groove's Vertical IQ integration

“Groove’s flexibility and ease-of-use make it an effective sales engagement platform for relationship sellers, which is why we’re seeing such strong demand for this integration from our joint customer base,” said Bobby Martin, CEO and co-founder of Vertical IQ. “This integration is just the beginning of our vision for empowering the modern sales professional.”


Joint customers of Groove and Vertical IQ can take advantage of the integration immediately at no extra cost. Interested customers should contact their Groove or Vertical IQ account manager for more information.

Not a customer, but interested in learning more? Schedule a demo.

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