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Groove Brings Sales Productivity to Where Sellers Work with Groove Conversations and Groove+ Mobile Application

Groove Conversation Intelligence and Mobile

Groove is setting revenue teams up for success in the office and in the field with two exciting new products. Today, Groove is proud to announce a new conversation intelligence product and mobile app. Together, these new sales productivity tools enable sales reps to maximize their productivity everywhere they work. 

Groove Conversations - screenshotGroove Conversations is the first conversation intelligence product that enables revenue teams to access call recording and insights directly from the inbox and calendar instead of a separate platform. 

The Groove+ mobile app helps remote and hybrid teams streamline meeting prep and follow-up, while making it easy to access Salesforce and key meeting insights while on the go.

Empowering the Everywhere Seller

More than 90% of B2B sales professionals are remote and 46% of those aren’t planning to return to the office at all, according to a recent survey of 1,040 US B2B sales professionals conducted by Groove. The survey also found that updating CRM platforms (48%), inputting account notes (46%), and scheduling follow-up meetings (45%) are top challenges for field sellers who are often on the road.   

The release of Groove Conversations and Groove+ empowers both inside and field sellers with powerful sales productivity tools that can be accessed from anywhere, while providing sales leaders with visibility and insight into every conversation and deal. 

Reps can easily update Salesforce from anywhere with Groove+ and access call recordings and insights with Groove Conversations. By streamlining call coaching, next steps, and follow-up, this new suite of tools also makes it easy for revenue leaders to manage their teams whether they’re in the office or on the road.

“When we founded Groove, we knew that building for the seller first was the key to driving widespread adoption and seller productivity,” said Chris Rothstein, CEO and co-founder of Groove. “As a result, we are the only platform that is just as easy to use and relevant for field sales as it is for sellers working from home or in the office.” 

Our customers typically see over 90% adoption rates of Groove and Salesforce, realizing as much as 83% seller productivity improvements as a result. – Chris Rothstein, CEO and co-founder of Groove.

About Groove Conversations

Groove Conversations enables sales reps to easily record, transcribe, and analyze every sales call without leaving their Inbox. Groove associates these insights with the correct Activities and Opportunities in Salesforce, giving sellers and leaders the visibility they need to win more deals.

  • Accurate call recording and transcription built into sellers’ workflows
  • Review every sales conversation for streamlined call coaching and deal execution
  • Drive meeting and business outcomes with call insights and analytics

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Groove+ Mobile App Screen 2About Groove+

The Groove+ mobile app brings everyday sales productivity tools directly into a seller’s pocket. Streamline meeting preparation and follow-up, increase Salesforce adoption, and access account and deal history from the road. With Groove+, sellers can bring Groove with them everywhere they work and make sure no details fall through the cracks.

  • Receive meeting alerts, relevant Salesforce data, and more to reduce preparation time
  • Easily access deal history, account information, meeting attendees, and activity history
  • Log meeting notes to Salesforce with voice-to-text functionality
  • Log to Meetings, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Custom Fields, or unique Salesforce configurations

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