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Groove Brings Sendoso Sending to the Inbox

Groove's Sendoso Integration

Groove’s direct integration with Sendoso just got even better. Today, we announced an enhanced Sendoso integration that enables joint customers to send modern direct mail, personalized gifts, eGifts, and celebrity greetings to over 165 countries – all without ever leaving their inbox.

Because Groove is the only sales engagement platform that was built for the full-cycle seller, it has a number of key features that support the automation needs of account executives and customer success teams. Our enhanced integration enables those teams to now strategically leverage gifting in their daily workflows to strengthen relationships, accelerate deal cycles, and re-engage dormant accounts.

Enabling Reps to Boost Response Rates and Slash Deal Cycles from the Inbox

Thanks to this enhanced integration, reps can now quickly add Sendoso’s sending capabilities into multi-channel Groove Flows from their inbox to improve response rates and close deals faster.

Making Sendoso more easily accessible to AEs and CSMs can have a big impact on developing and deepening customer relationships. According to Sendoso, companies using its sending platform have generated the following results:

  • 4X increase in response rates
  • 50% faster deal cycles
  • 20+ hours saved per campaign
  • 450% ROI on campaign investment

Making It Easy for Revenue Teams to Embrace Gifting

The following are just some of the ways that AEs, CSMs, SDRs, and other revenue teams can take advantage of Groove’s direct Sendoso integration:

  • Incorporate personalized gifts and direct mail to drive engagement
  • Send Sendoso gift touches directly from your inbox
  • Require a meeting to be booked before sending an eGift with Groove’s Scheduler link
  • Measure the impact of including Sendoso in your prospect and customer Flows


Send gifts and direct mail to customers and prospects from your inbox

Sendoso Achieves 95% Adoption Across Go-to-Market Teams

In addition to being a Groove integration partner, Sendoso has also experienced first-hand the benefits of using Groove and Sendoso together as a Groove customer.

Sendoso’s customer success team recently used the enhanced integration to add gifting to a targeted reactivation campaign that resulted in a 50% open rate and 21% conversion rate for booked meetings. Overall, Sendoso’s top reps have been able to book meetings with a 10% response rate by adding sending steps to their Groove Flows.

Alex Miller, Director of Revenue Operations at Sendoso offers some perspective on using Groove and Sendoso together:

“Our AEs love that they can now live in Gmail instead of a separate app and still have Salesforce data at their fingertips and add contacts with a single click. Whether an AE needs to jumpstart a stalled deal or a CSM needs to ensure a customer shows up for a meeting, Groove lets them easily send out a Sendoso-powered gift without ever leaving their workflow.”

Learn how Sendoso’s partnership with Groove has enabled it to achieve a 95% adoption among its go-to-market teams, 100% visibility into sales and customers, and airtight sales alignment in this Groove customer success story.

Groove’s Partner Ecosystem

Groove is committed to helping our customers extend the value of their Salesforce investment through partnerships with leading companies like Sendoso. Visit the Groove Partners page to learn more about our direct integrations and the 4,000 apps we integrate with through the Salesforce AppExchange.

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