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Groove Overcomes Limitations of Extension Dialers with New Desktop OmniDialer

Groove's new desktop Sales Dialer - OmniDialer

Anyone who has ever used an extension-based sales dialer knows the pain of slow connections, poor usability, and glitchy software. It should come as no surprise that sales dialers are routinely the lowest-rated features of a sales engagement platform. However, all of that changes today.

Groove is launching the first sales engagement platform dialer that runs as a desktop application. Groove’s new OmniDialer is a next-generation sales dialer that was built from the ground up to be lightning-fast, incredibly reliable, and easy-to-use. Now outbound reps, SDRs, account managers, and other call-heavy roles have a streamlined and consistent solution that fits seamlessly within any workflow.

“The new Groove OmniDialer is 10X faster and more reliable than any extension dialer I’ve ever used. Since switching to OmniDialer, I’m no longer slowed down by connection issues, and I now have the clarity of a cell phone. However, the best part is that OmniDialer has enabled me to close more deals!”– Moneil Pierre, Inside Sales Rep, EverQuote


Why Choose Groove’s Desktop OmniDialer?

Groove is changing the dialer game by enabling its customers to boost call-volume and conversion rates with a dialer their teams actually love to use.

Below are just some of the advantages that Groove’s new desktop application sales dialer has over extension dialers.

  • Click-to-call from any webpage. Increase efficiency by removing the technical barriers that reps face when using extension dialers. Groove OmniDialer enables reps to click to call from any webpage, including Salesforce, ZoomInfo, company websites, and more. Reps no longer need to rely on their web browser to start making calls. This dialer works from anywhere, boosting call-volume and shaving hours off of research time.
  • Lightning-fast, reliable and easy-to-use. Eliminate time wasted on manual dialing and wrong numbers, and increase every rep’s dialing potential. Groove OmniDialer enables reps to make bridge-calls in record time, without the frequent call drops experienced with extension dialers. Whether reps are receiving an inbound call or dialing down an account list, they can also see Salesforce history and relevant notes from previous interactions before they engage, so they can personalize conversations and increase conversions.
  • Driving better outcomes without added work. Trust that every business call, SMS, and account note is automatically captured and logged back to Salesforce so you and your team have complete visibility into activity levels and what’s driving results. Groove’s native Salesforce integration enables the most reliable reverse phone look-ups and activity capture. You can also trigger auto-emails based on outcomes, and drop-in pre-recorded personalized voicemails, so reps can quickly move on to the next call.
  • Know what’s driving results in real-time. Groove OmniDialer’s call recording and coaching capabilities enable reps and managers to understand what is resonating in their messaging to help increase conversions and have more meaningful conversations.

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