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Groove Releases New Features for Complex Enterprise Workflows

Groove Releases New Features for Complex Enterprise Workflows

Today at RevenueNext Fall 2021, Groove unveiled two powerful new features for adapting to the unique and complex needs of large enterprises.

With this latest release, Groove is the first and only sales engagement platform that supports automatic logging to custom objects. Groove also introduced OmniActions, which enables reps to complete any sales action without leaving their workflows. Together, these features establish Groove as the only sales engagement platform with the flexibility required to meet the needs of any enterprise on Salesforce, regardless of how custom their needs are.

According to Forrester Consulting’s The State of CRM report commissioned by Salesforce, embedding CRM systems across all departments and processes gives teams actionable data that they can use to build memorable customer experiences. However, only 32% of executives believe their CRM provides a complete, single view of customer information. 

By seamlessly integrating valuable CRM data into specialized workflows for different roles, teams, and industries, Groove drives CRM adoption and enables revenue teams to get a more complete picture of all sales activities.

The addition of automatic logging to custom objects and OmniActions provides customers even more flexibility for executing, capturing, and properly associating activities with both standard and custom Salesforce objects. With these new features, Groove strengthens its position as the only sales engagement platform that can easily fit into an organization’s complex and dynamic sales workflows.

One of the great things about Groove is its ability to flex to any organization’s sales process, regardless of how much they have customized Salesforce. – Sonia Sarao, VP of Product at Groove

“Today, we’ve made it even easier for reps to complete, assign, and track their activities without having to leave their workflows,” Sonia continued. That means more time for reps to sell, more complete data for managers to manage their teams, and more flexibility for admins to maintain established and successful processes.”

Log to custom objectsLogging to Custom Objects

Groove has enhanced its Advanced Activity Capture to automatically log activity back to a custom object in Salesforce. The feature can be configured by profile so that it fits the different needs of each team. This unique capability is made possible by Groove’s Salesforce-native architecture

Custom objects are commonly used by large enterprises to track activity based on the unique needs of their business. Automatically logging to custom objects minimizes the manual work required by sellers while ensuring complete visibility into account health and opportunities. 

The elimination of manual logging gives sellers time back to focus on building relationships and driving deals forward, while providing leadership with the visibility needed to understand what is driving their business.

OmniActions in OmnibarOmniActions

Groove’s new OmniActions capability provides reps with the flexibility to manage or execute any activity outside of their regular Flows and have that activity log automatically back to Salesforce in real-time. 

Because OmniActions is fully integrated into the Groove Omnibar, reps can conduct these actions from wherever they are working – Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, or the Groove app. This combination gives sellers a 360-degree view of their prospects’ and customers’ lifecycle from details and activity to actions – all in their workflow. 

OmniActions enables revenue organizations to associate all activities with open opportunities, whether they are part of a single action or multi-step Flow. By accurately associating all types of activities, revenue teams can take advantage of more accurate reporting and insights into the sales process. 

With OmniActions, reps can work seamlessly inside and outside of Flows as they work deals. This creates a foundation for the next level of workflow automation, enabling the implementation and execution of sales strategies within an enterprise sales organization.

To see firsthand how Groove can easily flex to the unique business needs of any organization, request a demo today.

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