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Groove Wins AA-ISP Service Provider of the Year 2020

The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) just announced the winners of its 2020 Service Provider of the Year Award, and Groove is proud to have been named service provider of the year.

Every year, the AA-ISP asks its members to rate the experience they’ve had with sales-focused vendors in its directory and the Service Provider of the Year Award recognizes those with the most positive and consistent ratings.

Groove’s five-star customer feedback rating in AA-ISP’s Service Provider Directory is built on the back of reviews from Uber, 2U, Intersection, BBVA, Tenable, and other leading companies that rely on Groove’s sales engagement platform to increase the productivity and effectiveness of their inside sales, field sales, customer success and full-cycle teams.

Here is a small sample of Groove reviews in the AA-ISP directory:

“Groove is a fantastic solution that is well on its way to blowing up this space.”

          • Maribeth, Sales Representative, Workfront

“All of the Groove staff I have worked with have been beyond helpful in my work with them, and the product has increased my team’s productivity by 45%!”

          • Bruce Recht, Admissions Counselor, 2U

“This tool is a must for teams that are out trying to close business!”

          • Daniel Cameron, Sales Representative, Intersection

“I would recommend Groove to anyone looking to streamline their prospecting activities to give them more time to focus on the more important things.”

          • Louis Brooker, SDR, Tenable

In addition to our 5-Star rating on AA-ISP, Groove has also earned a 5-star rating on the Salesforce AppExchange and continues to be the highest-rated sales engagement platform on G2 for over two-years running.

Interested in learning how Groove can help your revenue teams be more productive, collaborative, and successful? Request a demo today!

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