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Groove Wins Big in G2’s Best Software Awards 2021

G2 Best Software Awards 2021

G2 announced its Best Software 2021 Award winners, and Groove is honored to be recognized in eight categories – from Top 50 Products for Enterprise to Top 50 Best Products for Sales and Marketers.

Being one of the Top 50 software products out of 60,000+ companies reviewed on G2 is a huge honor and is in no small part due to our status as the top-rated sales engagement platform on G2 for two years running.

After evaluating more than 4 million data points across thousand of software products, G2 has ranked Groove in the top 50 of all software companies for the following eight categories:G2 Best Software Awards - Sales

  • Best Products for Sales (#12 out of 50)
  • Best Products for Marketers (#19 out of 50)
  • Highest Satisfaction (#10 out of 100)
  • Top 50 Products for Enterprise (#23 out of 50)
  • Top 50 Products for Mid-Market (#37 out of 50)
  • Fastest Growing Products (#24 out of 100)
  • Top 100 Software (#49 out of 100)
  • Top 100 Global Vendors (#38 out of 100)


G2 describes its Best Software Awards as “The People’s Choice Awards for Tech Companies.” That’s because all the winners are selected based on verified 2020 reviews submitted by individuals actually using the product.

Enterprise-Grade Sales Engagement for Entire Revenue Teams

In addition to being a Top 50 Product for Enterprise, Groove has also maintained its status as the only sales engagement platform to be ranked a Top 50 Product for both Sales and Marketing. This honor is a testament to Groove’s ability to meet the needs of full-cycle sellers and entire revenue teams.

The vast majority of our enterprise customers have multiple teams using Groove, with common scenarios being AEs, Account Management, and Marketing. Groove enjoys this wide adoption because it’s the only sales engagement platform that is built with the flexibility and ease-of-use needed to meet the needs of diverse revenue teams.

Highest Satisfaction

Groove was ranked 10th for Highest Satisfaction out of tens of thousands of products on G2. This satisfaction carries over to the sales engagement platform category on G2, where Groove enjoys its status as the top-rated product in the sales engagement platform category. You can learn more about how Groove stacks up against the competition in the the Winter 2021 G2 Sales Engagement Software Report.

Get Started with Groove

If you’re looking for the number one sales engagement platform for enterprises using Salesforce, you need look no further. Find out how Groove can drive more revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction for your organization. Request a demo.

About the G2 Best Software Awards

Winners were determined based on reviews left at G2.com between Jan. 1, 2020 and Dec. 31, 2020. All scores are calculated using G2’s algorithms, including for Satisfaction and Market Presence. You can learn more about calculations on G2’s website.

G2 Fall 2021 Grid Report for Sales Engagement

G2 Sales Engagement Software Report

Learn why Groove is leading the pack, and how the top providers are ranked across several criteria, including user satisfaction and G2’s proprietary Relationship Index/Momentum Grid®.

Download Report

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