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Which Sales Engagement Platform Has the Happiest Users? We’re Honored That It’s Groove.

We are excited to report that Crozdesk has recognized Groove for having the happiest users of any sales engagement platform in 2020. We were already thrilled to be rated the #1 Sales Management Platform on Crozdesk back in March, and this latest award makes the recognition even sweeter.

There’s no higher honor than being recognized for making our users happy, as that is our number one goal at Groove. And earning this Crozdesk award is an honor indeed. Only 10% of solutions across categories ever receive this honor, which takes into account review scores and Crozdesk’s own proprietary analysis of positive satisfaction signals from reviews across multiple platforms.

Crozdesk isn’t the only organization that has recognized Groove for having extremely happy customers. Groove has also received the highest customer satisfaction rating for sales engagement platforms on G2 for two years running and a 5-star rating on Salesforce AppExchange.


So why do our customers love Groove so much? Here are a just a few verified user reviews:

Verified Groove User Reviews

“While the flow creation and templates are handy, the most impressive element of Groove is how much they’ve improved the product in the 2 years that I’ve been using the product. I can’t help but be impressed by companies that actively improve on their products with the end-user in mind. It’s all about the user at the end of the day.”

“My sales team has never been more efficient or effective in their day to day! We also use Groove to structure our team’s workflow. Follow-ups never get missed, hot leads have consistent contact, the integration with SalesForce means we are so much more productive.”

“I have used multiple competitors’ tools, and Groove has been by far the best. The fact it’s built native to Salesforce so the data doesn’t have to move bi-directionally makes life much easier. The tool is extremely easy to use as well, and although they did give us training, I don’t think it was necessary.”

“Groove has made my life so much easier for tracking and logging customer touch-points since it integrates with all of our existing data infrastructure (Google Suite/Gmail and SalesForce). This greatly reduces the amount of time to log activities, since Groove does the heavy lifting to consolidate data entries across various platforms.”

Ready to learn for yourself why Groove has the happiest users?

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