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Groove’s Patrick Jeter wins Tenbound’s BEAST Award for Best Sales Development Leader of the Year


Groove is eager to congratulate our Head of Sales Development, Patrick Jeter, for being recognized as the “Best Sales Development Leader of 2021” by Tenbound’s annual BEAST Awards.

Tenbound is a Research & Advisory firm focused on Sales Development. Each year, Tenbound recognizes excellence in Sales Development with the BEAST Awards in four categories, including Best Sales Development Team, Best Sales Development Technology, Best Sales Development Leader, and Best Sales Development Representative. This year, Tenbound had a record-breaking number of votes and announced the winners at The Tenbound Sales Development Conference on October 27th, 2021 in San Francisco.

Groove is not surprised that Patrick was named the “Best Sales Development Leader.” In his two years of working at Groove, he has left a remarkable impact on the company.

Want to be a sales BEAST too? Get Patrick’s top sales, hiring, and leadership advice in the Q&A below.

Q&A with Patrick JeterGroove head of sales development, Patrick Jeter

What’s the single best piece of advice you could give to someone starting out their career in sales?

Do your research into the role you’re interviewing for. It’s amazing how often I interview people who demonstrate they have done very little or no homework before the interview. Know the company, products, and initiatives. Do your homework on the person interviewing you. Once you’re in the role, don’t get discouraged. Detach yourself from the outcome and simply try to improve every day on the job. Sorry, that was more than a single piece of advice.

What do you look for in hiring sales development reps?

When it comes to hiring SDRs, work ethic and attitude are the most important qualities a candidate can have. This is the hardest job that they will likely ever do, and there are very few shortcuts to success. The best SDRs outwork their peers and keep a positive attitude. Attitude makes all the difference in work – and in life!

Being an SDR can be a tough job. How do you keep SDRs positive and motivated?

Saying that being an SDR is a tough job is underselling it a bit. One way we try to keep things positive is by making games out of everything. Team Spiffs are great for keeping the entire team motivated. We also have a $25 gift card for the SDR that encounters the rudest prospect every week. The team shares their worst encounters with each other as they happen through Slack. It allows the team to laugh off their uncomfortable situations. The best reps are the ones that can bounce back from adversity – and laughter is a great way to do that!

What are your top tips for improving team performance?

The best advice I ever got for improving team performance was from a past mentor: always remember that each individual is unique – and coaching should reflect that. Also, team goals are a great way to keep the team engaged and motivating each other!

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is simple: my team and our company. My team does not work for me, I work for them, and I remind them about this regularly. They are such an amazing and talented group. Seeing them grow so quickly gives me such a rush. We also have the most positive work environment that I’ve ever been part of. And finally, our product is amazing – we use our sales engagement platform daily to sell into revenue-generating teams.

I literally wake up every morning and can’t believe that I get paid to do what I do.

About Patrick

A veteran sales leader and trained comedian, Patrick knows a thing or two about developing successful pipelines and punchlines. Leveraging his expertise and Groove’s own sales engagement platform, Patrick has been instrumental in generating opportunities for an expanding customer base that includes Capital One, Google, Uber, and other large and fast-growing B2B companies.

Previously, Patrick built and scaled pipeline-generation teams at Classy.org, led top-performing teams at Cars.com, and spearheaded sales at CareerBuilder and Apartments.com. In addition to holding a BS in Marketing from the University of Dayton, Patrick is a graduate of The Second City improv empire with more than 400 comedy shows under his belt.

If you’d like more info on the BEAST Award, visit Tenbound’s website.

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