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Headwind or hurricane?

The Closer | Gartner sales expert Daniel Hawkyard article

Headwind or hurricane?

Don’t forget your sweater. Your mom knew that the weather could change at any moment, and it’s best to be prepared. CSOs should welcome this motherly advice. It’s easy to see an economic storm brewing, but it’s impossible to know how bad it will be or how long it will last. Most analysts are expecting growing headwinds to stall the economy, while others are predicting a hurricane. Either way, Gartner sales expert Daniel Hawkyard recommends three actions CSOs should take to prepare for turbulent economic times ahead. Whether it’s parka- or sweater-weather ahead, it’s best to have both at the ready.

Downturn be damned

The markets hate economic uncertainty. So do salespeople. It can be challenging enough to hit sales goals when there isn’t a looming recession striking fear in the hearts of buyers. However, if there is one thing salespeople are good at, it’s not giving up. Yes, it’s going to be harder, and you’re going to have to play at the top of your game, but there are several things you can do now to help you hit your numbers. Ross Rich, CEO at Accord, knows a thing or two about selling in a downturn and offers up three key focus areas to help you achieve your sales goals. Head on over to the LinkedIn Sales Blog to learn how to boost your pipeline, reduce friction, and master your deal cycles.

Moving on to earthquakes

Headwinds and hurricanes aren’t enough? Now, we need to worry about earthquakes too? Not exactly. First off, the tremor shares one key attribute with the other natural phenomena mentioned earlier: it’s metaphorical. Second, it might actually be a good thing. The earthquake in question is the rise of remote work, and the seismic change will be how and where work gets done. In a recent Insider article, famed Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen talks about the potential for remote work to change civilization as we know it. He calls it a potential earthquake, but the aftermath might be a calmer, happier, and more distributed workforce.


The Closer | Groove Conversations

Supercharge your sales force

We’ve all wished for superpowers at some point. Imagine being able to teleport to a remote vacation destination or avoid a long commute. Superpowers might be exciting, but they most likely won’t give you an edge in sales. If only there was a superpower for selling… Well, now there is. It’s called Groove Conversations. With Groove’s new CI feature, you can take conversation insights everywhere you work. Instantly log to Salesforce based on your conversation, uncover call strengths and weaknesses with AI-driven insights, and upgrade your sales execution strategy all from within the app. It won’t close deals for you, but it will make the process a lot easier and faster.


The Closer | Article by Grace Kerrison, LinkedIn’s Head of Sales Solutions

Return on your stack

The pandemic created a whole new world in and outside work. As workers went remote, so did our social lives with the rise of Zoom happy hours and TikTok videos. If your org hasn’t embraced the digital transformation by now, you are in for a rude awakening in the coming years. Whether you are a remote-first workforce or fully in-person, it’s time to invest in your sales tech stack. Grace Kerrison, LinkedIn’s Head of Sales Solutions, APAC, makes the case for new ways to think about sales tech ROI in today’s digital-first world. Sorry to break it to you, but adding TikTok to your sales tech stack isn’t a recommendation.

It’s not you, it’s me

No one likes to deal with a breakup. Sometimes, it just isn’t the perfect match. Other times, there’s a third party waiting to take your spot, making matters even more complicated and upsetting. Wait, did we say a breakup? We meant a hang-up. No salesperson likes to deal with a prospective buyer hanging up on them, or even worse, getting friendly with a competitor. So, what’s the solution to engage your client before they get bored and move on? Well, ValueSelling has gathered some helpful tips on how to ask the right questions during discovery calls. And if those don’t work, try a good pint of ice cream while watching The Notebook to get you out of your post-breakup – er, hang up, slump.

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