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Healthy productivity

The Closer | Forrester VP and principal analyst Nancy Maluso

Healthy productivity

When you’re not feeling well physically, it’s easy to neglect essential activities like personal hygiene. There are also negative consequences when sellers are not feeling well in their roles. However, a lack of seller wellness usually manifests itself in terms of lost productivity versus an aversion to bathing. So what’s the remedy for sales reps who are feeling fatigued, unengaged, and frustrated at work? Forrester VP and principal analyst Nancy Maluso has outlined four strategies to improve seller wellness and productivity. From nurturing a culture of appreciation to removing process friction and automating administrative tasks, Forrester will help you address eight categories of wellness. Remember, seller-care is just as important as self-care.

Earth Day is the perfect time to think hybrid

When hybrid vehicles were first introduced, they became an unsightly badge of honor for Earth Day celebrants around the world. While electric vehicles are now knocking hybrid vehicles off their leafy green throne, the rise of hybrid work is taking commuters off the road in droves. This is good news for the planet, but it also means sales leaders need to adapt how they coach their teams. Sandler Training has some helpful tips for coaching salespeople who are spending less of their time in the office (or at all). The advice might not save the planet, but it should help your team generate a bit more green.


The Closer | Groove CTO and Co-Founder Austin WangImmigrants get the job done

Groove CTO and cofounder Austin Wang didn’t need to watch the smash broadway hit Hamilton to become acquainted with one of its central themes: “Immigrants, we get the job done!” Austin’s parents moved from Taiwan in the 1960s and 1970s, which enabled him to see firsthand the value of hard work. The grit and sacrifice exhibited day in and day out by his parents inspired him to want to work hard and push himself to succeed. It was that drive that led him to found Groove with Chris Rothstein in 2014. You can read Austin’s story and the value of diversity on the Salesforce blog.

Groove gets smarter with Vertical IQ

Donkey was eventually able to smooth things out with Shrek, but it’s a good reminder of the power of first impressions. Whether you’re about to reach out to a customer via phone or email, it’s always best if you’ve done your homework first. That may sound easy if you have a lot of time to prepare. However, what do you do when you’re reaching out to dozens of contacts a day? Groove has always enabled reps to quickly look up previous interactions, account notes, and even LinkedIn data, but now we’re making it easy to look up industry data with Groove’s new integration with industry intelligence provider Vertical IQ. We think Donkey sums up the potential impact best: “It’s gonna be champagne wishes and caviar dreams from now on.”


The Closer | how top performers use pessimism to their advantageFull of Debby Downers

Is your glass empty or half full? This age-old question can be utilized in sales to figure out which side of the optimism/pessimism spectrum you fall on. Although studies show that 90% of sales reps describe themselves as optimists, nearly two-thirds of high-performing reps demonstrate some healthy pessimism in sales. Not sure how being a little pessimistic can help you close more deals? The Salesforce Blog goes into detail about how top performers use pessimism to their advantage. This article may be enough to change your pipeline from half empty to overflowing.

Buyer is king

Content is king in marketing, but who is king in sales? The buyer is. And creating an authentic buyer journey is the crown. Although buyers typically meet with seven or more people during the sales cycle, few actually show the buyer how their product can solve the buyer’s problem. You can’t have a king without a crown, so how can you create an authentic buyer’s journey? Brent Keltner, president of Winalytics, says the answer is to stop selling your product and start solving their problems. Gather your knights, it’s time to build the kingdom.

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