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Help a buyer out

Help a buyer out | The Closer

Help a buyer out

We’ve all been there. You’re several meetings in with a prospect who showed strong initial interest, and then the opportunity just stalls. In the world of B2B sales, this is painfully common. Here at The Closer, we like to avoid unnecessary pain as much as possible, which is why we were very interested in a recent post from Gartner analyst Dave Egloff. According to Dave, there are three things sellers must do in every sales opportunity to help accelerate the deal and maximize your chance of success. Not surprisingly, all three things revolve around making it easier for the buyer to buy. Since this is Gartner, you can be sure to learn valuable tips for building buyer confidence, instilling urgency, and helping buyers manage change.

A new, original series from…Salesforce?

With Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Apple, and the seemingly infinite number of other streaming services available today, you might think there isn’t room for another entry in this crowded marketplace. You’d have to be a real trailblazer to launch a service in this environment, and that’s exactly what Salesforce did with a brand new offering called, of course, Salesforce+. Don’t worry, you won’t have to add another app to your smart TV. Salesforce+ will formally launch at Dreamforce, providing easy access to 100+ hours of content from the global event. But that’s just the beginning. In addition to content from its events, Salesforce+ will also be producing original series, podcasts, and much more. According to Salesforce Ben, Salesforce+ will be like Netflix, but with less Stranger Things and more Marc Benioff.

The hybrid working dilemma

According to a bevy of informal LinkedIn surveys and virtual water cooler conversations, it appears that most tech and white collar employees would prefer to have the flexibility to either work remotely or come in the office a couple of times a week. This corresponds with announcements from many companies embracing hybrid work models. This sounds great. Employees want the flexibility and companies seem willing to give it to them. What could possibly be wrong with that? Everyone wins! Or do they? The New York Times recently explored potential bias against remote employees that can impact career advancement and overall diversity and inclusion. Hybrid work may be the future, but there are apparently still a few details to work out.


Going beyond the virtual happy hour

Going beyond the virtual happy hour | The Closer

At the beginning of the pandemic, setting up a simple Zoom happy hour was enough to draw strong attendance from socially starved employees. That lasted for a week. Maybe two. Zoom fatigue quickly killed the novelty of joining a gallery of your colleagues talking over each other. In this new era of remote and hybrid working, companies have a much harder task before them when it comes to cultivating a rewarding company culture. So how do you keep widely dispersed employees connected, engaged, and happy? It’s a tall order that is best filled with a healthy dose of creativity. That’s what Built In discovered after interviewing several tech companies about some of their more successful virtual team building activities and events. From surprise gifts to escape rooms and drag queens, you’ll be sure to find some inspiration to help your culture thrive, virtually.


C-suite selling

C-suite selling | The Closer

Eventually, it’s going to happen. You’ll find yourself in a deal where you have the opportunity to engage a C-suite executive. In an instant, the stakes will get a lot higher, and this is one situation where you need to be fully prepared. So how do you get ready for a conversation with a C-level exec? The answer is simple. You just need to think and talk like they do. Unfortunately, following through with that answer is not so simple. If you’re not well versed in business, finance, and accounting topics, you don’t want to find yourself winging it in an important deal. Planning and preparation is key. It’s the only way you can respect their time and demonstrate how your solution can deliver value from their perspective. If you’re ready to put in the effort, we recommend checking out the C-suite selling tips dutifully outlined by the CEO of ValueSelling Associates, Julie Thomas. Think of it as C-suite advice from the C-suite.

Beware the almighty number

You’ve just been promoted to sales manager, and you’re now responsible for managing a team. After celebrating all night with colleagues at a bar (COVID doesn’t exist in this fictional scenario), the weight of this elevated responsibility begins to sink in. Instead of being responsible for an individual number, you’re on the hook for your team’s entire number. Given your previous role, it’s easy to be so focused on that number that you feel compelled to jump in and help with every deal. The problem with that strategy is that it’s not scalable – and also incredibly stressful. Fortunately, there is a better way to set you and your team up for success. According to Randy Illig, the global leader of FrankCovey’s Sales Performance Practice, one of the most important things you can do as a new sales leader is to create a peer-to-peer coaching culture. Empowering your team to help and practice with each other will enable you to scale your success and not your stress.

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