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High thread count

The Closer | High thread count

High thread count

If you’re in the market for new sheets, you shouldn’t walk into a Bed Bath & Beyond without a healthy understanding of thread count – or a 20% off coupon. The same goes for B2B sellers (minus the coupon). Having a high message thread count with multiple members of the buying group will help you close deals faster – and avoid last-minute objections. Gartner analyst Dave Egloff recently shed some light on the importance of multithreaded sales engagements and how to best go about them. What about the optimal thread count for sheets? He doesn’t put that debate to bed.

What’s the deal with recycling?

Don’t worry. This isn’t a Seinfeldian rant about that one recycling bin at the airport with three holes and one bag. (Why does that exist??) This is The Closer, so we’re more interested in how deals get recycled, not where to put a yogurt cup with a foil lid. As opportunities move through the B2B revenue waterfall, what do you do with lost, stalled or rejected opportunities? Forrester believes that recycling won’t just save the world, it could also allow you to give lost deals new life. Check out the Forrester blog to learn how to recycle sales opps when they “fall back, fall off, or fall out.” The advice seems fitting coming from such a green organization.

Overcoming the women leadership gap

It was International Women’s Day on Tuesday, and LinkedIn feeds were full of inspirational stories of women making a difference at organizations around the globe. While the show of support was commendable, it doesn’t overcome the painful reality that women command a small fraction of seats at the executive leadership table. The only way this disparity will be overcome is if every organization takes a more active role in creating upward paths of mobility for women. If you’re interested in how your organization can be part of the solution, Salesforce outlines three steps for creating an environment where women leaders can develop and thrive.


Slalom implements Groove for Fortune 500 ManufacturerSlalom goes for the Groove

You know that Winter Olympics event where skiers barrel down a mountain while maneuvering between regular obstacles at literal breakneck speed? That’s called slalom. It’s probably named after global consulting firm Slalom, as they are known for operating with extreme precision in complicated environments. That’s why a Fortune 500 manufacturing company turned to Slalom to find and implement a technology platform to make their inside sales team more productive and effective. After evaluating the top sales engagement platforms, Slalom found the perfect solution in Groove. Read the case study to learn how a Fortune 500 company generated a 32% increase in conversion rates after Slalom implemented Groove.


The Closer: Stop Wasting TimeStop wasting time

The pandemic has made a lot of things run out of stock: toilet paper, masks, canned goods, and even yeast to make homemade bread. Another less obvious thing that has run out during the past two years? Sellers’ patience for things that waste their precious time. A 2021 Gartner Workforce Resilience Survey shows that making work more efficient by fixing issues impacts workforce health by 45%. If your company doesn’t fix time sinks and workplace inefficiencies, you could be losing sellers, and worse – customers. Gartner gets real on why it’s important to protect sellers from time sinks. Read it now to avoid depleting your  stock of high-performance sellers.

Life beyond the water cooler

Remote work. Zoom. Slack. Social Media. Virtual Reality. We are living in an introvert’s dream. No more awkward small talk at the water cooler, break room, or dinner party. You can relax at home on your couch and interact with the world through the safety of a digital screen. But before you forget how to communicate with your customers and coworkers completely, remember that making human connections in the virtual world is still vital to our survival. That’s why ValueSelling Associates wrote out three strategies for building better relationships in today’s virtual selling environment. It’s good for closing deals and making friends.

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