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How to Book More Meetings with Voicemail Drop Software

Sales Reps spend 15% of their time leaving voicemails according to industry research. That’s at least 6 hours each week that reps could use to focus on higher-value activities like building relationships and closing deals. That said, you can’t up-and-forget about the voicemail. Leaving behind the right voice message can create a personal connection and increase a rep’s chances of turning a missed call into a meeting or appointment.

So how do you leave quality voicemails while minimizing time spent talking to a voicemail system? Enter Voicemail Drop software: a tool that can save reps an hour every day by automatically leaving pre-recorded voicemails for prospects who don’t pick up. This automation lets reps move onto the next call without missing a beat.

In this blog, we’ll show you how Voicemail Drop Software can help sales teams make more calls and book more meetings in less time.

How to Book More Meetings with Voicemail Drop Software

Why Voicemail Drop software?

The ability to leave pre-recorded voicemails allows reps to move onto the next call quickly by eliminating the need to repeat the same message every time. For call-heavy teams and reps, this time savings means more conversations with prospects in a fraction of the time.

Using Voicemail Drop to increase outbound efficiency

By the time they hear the 4th ring, most reps are already thinking about making the next call. With Voicemail Drop Software, reps don’t have to wait for the beep to recite their message. Instead, they can leave a voicemail behind with just a few clicks and move on to the next call. They’ll love how much extra time they get back and how friction-less their dialing workflow becomes – allowing them to make even more calls.

voicemail drop productivity infographic

Using Voicemail Drop to leave effective voicemails

Voicemail Drop Software also enables reps to pre-record messages to maintain consistent quality, and even personalize different templates based on prospects’ industry or job function.

Reps often find themselves recycling the same voicemail scripts, occasionally tweaking them on-the-fly based on the prospect’s persona or industry. Voicemail Drop Software lets reps pre-record messages that they know will resonate with specific audiences. Not only does this eliminate any “um’s” and “ah’s” that are common in a live voicemail, it also ensures that relevant messaging is delivered every time.

Think of this functionality like an email template for voicemails. Reps can take the time to record quality messages and quickly choose which to send based on audience characteristics, minimizing downtime while ensuring a quality message. We’ve seen successful reps record voicemails by industry, title, or role depending on the makeup of their call list.

Templatizing and logging voicemails has the added advantage of showing reps and leaders which tone and message is getting the most returned calls. Management can then optimize messaging around what’s working to improve efforts over time.

How to Book More Meetings with Voicemail Drop Software

Final Thoughts

Voicemail Drop software is a must-have for teams that require highly efficient outbound calling motions, and especially those who value building trust before a sale – which is over 80% of reps according to Salesforce.

Groove’s Sales Engagement Platform features Voicemail Drop Services, along with other solutions such as email and calendar tracking, campaign automation, and revenue intelligence that are designed to maximize customer engagement and drive revenue. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to schedule a demo today.

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