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In the Groove: An Interview with Greg Larson, VP of Global Revenue Operations at Lingotek


Groove recently sat down with Greg Larsen, VP of Global Revenue Operations at Lingotek, to learn how his team used Groove to make $3M in pipeline within 3 months. Check out his responses in the Q&A below and then watch the video for a summary of the key themes.

Why is Groove a great choice for Lingotek?

Groove has been a great choice for Lingotek because it’s not just a platform for SDRs –  it’s helped us through the entire customer lifecycle from SDRs to AEs to our Customer Success Team.

How does Groove bring value to your organization?

Groove has brought value to our organization on a daily basis. Whether it’s on the sales team and SDR team in being able to have pre-built flows and templates and things that we’ve tracked that we know are successful to help onboarding and decrease ramp time, all the way to our customer success team being able to keep up with all of the communication that’s happening between Lingotek and our clients.

How has Groove been adopted by your team?

The adoption of Groove has been a huge success at Lingotek. Before we used Groove, our AEs struggled to prospect, and it was a manual process. It took a lot of their time, and it wasn’t very successful. Once we implemented Groove, we were able to not only prospect but prospect at a high level. And our ramp time for AEs went from two to three months to two or three weeks.

What kind of impact has Groove had on your organization?

Groove has had a huge impact on our sales outreach.

Within the first 90 days of our AEs using the platform, they increased their outreach by 10x and doubled their meetings set. Ultimately, that led to over $3,000,000 in increased pipeline.

How has Groove improved your day-to-day?

As a rev ops leader, Groove is a lifesaver on a daily basis. It helps me keep track of our customer communication from start to finish. Whether it’s prospecting metrics and how effective our emails are to customer engagement and how communicative they are with us.  I can even keep track of how engaged our CS team is with our customers on renewal lifecycle.

How is Groove different from other sales tech you’ve used?

I’ve used a lot of sales engagement tools in the past, and Groove stands out because it’s not just a platform for my SDRs. I can also use it for my AEs and my Customer Success Team to keep track of our customers even after they’ve onboarded.

What’s your favorite thing about Groove?

One of my favorite things about Groove is the innovation that they take to the market. Whether it’s the native Salesforce integration or features like Spaces that help us get everything we want to see about a client in one space. I feel like every day they’re adding value to our team and our process.

How do you see Groove as a valued partner?

Unlike other sales engagement platforms that I’ve used in the past, I consider Groove not just as a vendor, but as a valued partner.

They’ve taken my road map with my team’s success in mind and helped me use their platform most effectively, rather than just providing me a platform to use on my own.

How would you rate Groove’s account and support teams?

I’ve loved working with the account and support teams at Groove. Groove’s account and support teams always reach out proactively to provide training on new features, and they’re always focused on our success as a company.

I’ve never worked with a vendor that’s been as focused on my team’s success.

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