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In the Groove: An Interview with Kyle Scott, Manager of Sales Strategy and Technology at TIBCO


Groove recently sat down with Kyle Scott, Manager of Sales Strategy and Technology at TIBCO, to learn how his team is using Groove to save time and increase productivity. Check out his responses in the Q&A below and then watch the video for a summary of the key themes.

How does Groove bring value to your organization?

Our Account Executives love using Groove to get out of their Excel spreadsheets. It helps remind them to follow up with contacts and even automates some of their follow-up. They also love using the Scheduler link so that they can help a customer book a meeting with them in a single click and eliminate back and forth scheduling.

Our Customer Success Team also likes to use the calendar feature so that they can link their meetings to a customer success plan tied to an account to determine if they’re spending time with the right accounts. They also enjoy the Omnibar feature, because it makes referencing Salesforce easily accessible and saves them time while messaging customers.

What kind of impact has Groove had on your organization?

Groove has had an impact in many different ways. For starters, in onboarding, using Groove, one of our new hires was able to book two meetings in his first week. Additionally, we’ve seen a vast improvement in the sharing of effective templates from team to team, as they’re able to see the metrics on how effective they’ve been and even tie that to opportunities in Salesforce, or registrations for events, which is another great example. We’ve also been able to scale event registrations with Groove, because we can now invite numerous people in a few clicks.

How has Groove improved your day-to-day?

Groove is the easiest tool to manage from an administrative standpoint. We can easily make changes whenever our AEs request something, like adding new fields to the Omnibar. It has saved us time and simplified our work process.

How is Groove different from other sales tech you’ve used?

We chose Groove because of its integration and automation with Salesforce, which has allowed our users to work where they want to work and not have to leave to go into another platform.

Our users are already familiar with Gmail and Salesforce, and so we chose Groove because of its integration with the tools that they already know and like to use. We can keep them working there rather than having to learn a new platform, which increases adoption and also results in more seamless workflows when they’re getting work done.

What’s your favorite thing about Groove?

My favorite thing about Groove is the Scheduler, which allows me to schedule meetings without any back and forth. I can send one link and it provides my current availability to the client. I can even include a coworker by adding multiple calendar availabilities, which drastically reduces the time it takes to schedule a meeting and get back to work.

How is Groove a valued partner?

Groove is a great partner to us. We connect with them regularly from a customer success standpoint. Groove has been instrumental in continuing to roll out great product updates, even implementing some of our requests.

How would you rate Groove’s account and support teams?

I love working with Groove’s account and support teams. I typically get responses within minutes if I use the chat feature. I also have a weekly update with my Customer Success Manager where we’re working on new product features or questions that come up to make sure that we have what we need.

What do you have planned next for Groove?

I’m really excited to use Groove for more standardized templates across our product portfolio. Standardized templates will help our new hires get up and running quicker, while still giving them the option for personal customization through the integration with Seismic to add relevant customer success stories or any other collateral. We give our new hires the resources to get started, and Groove provides them with the right integrations to add custom content.

How have reps adopted Groove?

While we started with just our sales users, adoption quickly grew to additional teams as they saw value in the tool as well.

It’s really helped standardize practices across these different teams. And so they’ve been quick to adopt to a point where we have over 250 users today.

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