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In the Groove: An Interview with Matthew Mullin, Senior Director of Marketing Ops and Technology at Tenable


Groove recently sat down with Matthew Mullin, Senior Director of Marketing Ops and Technology at Tenable, to learn how his team is using Groove to save millions in operational overhead. Check out his responses in the Q&A below and then watch the video for a summary of the key themes.

Why did you choose Groove?

Choosing Groove was a no-brainer for us. The native integration that Groove has with Salesforce made it super simple to implement. It also enabled us to get our folks onboarded, ramped, and using the platform really quickly, which we knew would be a challenge with any other vendor. The ease of use and the implementation of Groove really made it an easy choice for us.

How does Groove bring value to your organization on a daily basis?

Groove brings a ton of value to our organization. It allows us to check the efficiency of our messaging and, at any given time, to understand how many messages about Tenable are going out and how the market is receiving them. The data that we get on the backside is key. It allows us to amplify our overall message and then understand how it relates to an opportunity in our pipeline development.

What kind of impact has Groove had on your organization?

The overall impact that Groove has had on Tenable has actually been really huge. It has saved us millions in operational overhead.

Before, the marketing team would ask their reps to do a ton of work from a campaign standpoint in terms of emailing, task creation, things like that, which normally took hours. Now, we’ve really been able to cut it down to minutes with Groove.

How has Groove improved your day-to-day?

Groove improves my day-to-day because it takes all of the onus off of the email marketing nurture, and puts the onus back on the sales team. This allows us to focus on our message and how it resonates in the market.

It also allows me to measure data points that I never had access to previously. Before, when we had a marketing campaign go out, we couldn’t measure that unless we were sending it out through our marketing automation system. With the reps doing some of this work for us, it actually allows us to go and contact a bunch of people that we might not have been able to hit with a marketing message. 

How is Groove different from other sales tech you’ve used?

Groove is a lot different than a lot of the other technology vendors that I’ve worked with over the past. And trust me, I’ve worked with hundreds of them.

With Groove, the implementation process was as easy as they said it was.

With other vendors, they tell you how quickly they can get it done and how quickly they can deliver on their promise. But with Groove, from the beginning to the end on the implementation side, it really only took about a week, and within that week, we were able to roll it out to hundreds of reps worldwide.

How have your reps adopted Groove?

I’ve been really pleasantly surprised about the adoption of Groove. For a lot of reps who are further in their careers, they don’t really want to be told how to sell. When bringing in new technology, people tend to bristle at some of that. But with Groove, it’s been a lot different. I’ve actually had many enterprise reps who don’t normally need help with selling come directly to me and ask, “how do I leverage this technology?”. For all of our reps, they’ve understood the value of Groove and have really adopted it very quickly. I think a lot of that is due to the ease of use and how much visibility it goes into their customer activity.

What’s your favorite thing about Groove?

My favorite thing about Groove is that it really does close the gap between sales and marketing. Where in a normal instance, I really wouldn’t have access to the real-time data that sales is trying to push from a messaging standpoint, Groove allows me to dig in and see all of the activity, all of the task data, and all of the account planning data that the sales reps are pushing forward.

How is Groove a valued partner?

Groove is an incredibly valuable partner – from their CSM group, to their sales group, to their technical support. From implementation to ongoing strategy, Groove has truly been there every step of the way.

How is Groove saving time for your reps?

Our reps really like Groove because it eliminates a lot of time-consuming tasks for them. As a marketing group, we ask our sellers to do a lot, including task creation and a bunch of administrative things that we need them to follow up on. Groove allows them to go through and automate a bunch of the things that we’re asking them to do.

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