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In the Groove: An Interview with Reid Chaloupka, Senior Manager of Sales Enablement at Well Health


Groove recently sat down with Reid Chaloupka, the Senior Manager of Sales Enablement at Well Health, to learn how his organization is saving precious time by using Groove to automate workflows and measure results between different teams. Check out his responses in the Q&A below and then watch the video for a summary of the key themes.

Why did you choose Groove?

Our previous platform was duplicating a lot of data – and we didn’t want two sources of truth with that platform and with Salesforce. So we went to evaluate different tools and ultimately landed on Groove, because we found that it was super simple to integrate with Salesforce, and we just like the way that they work together and enable SDRs to do their jobs easier.

How does Groove bring value to your organization on a daily basis?

The biggest value driver I see with Groove is the scrubbing process. Admin processes in sales can take up so much valuable selling time. [With Groove], it’s so simple to import Salesforce reports in the Flows and build new campaigns on the fly for our sales team, as well as the AE-SDR collaboration with flows too, and being able to automate actions from one flow to another. We found that it has improved our email campaigns quite a bit, and it’s led to a ton of new meetings.

What kind of impact has Groove had on your organization?

From the sales operation and sales enablement side, Groove’s tight integration with Salesforce has made it a lot easier for us to actually measure results from the SDR teams in Salesforce with dashboards and reports.

Groove has likely improved our meetings per rep as well, but the fact of the matter is that we weren’t measuring that accurately before. Groove has made it a lot easier for us to determine conversion rates from meeting booked and meeting set, to a sales qualified opportunity.

How has Groove improved your day-to-day?

Groove has enabled us to approach inbounds more effectively. We can now create a master flow that is automated from Salesforce for all inbound leads, which enables us to tightly monitor SDR response time, outreach, and how effectively they’re actually responding to inbounds.

In short, Groove has enabled easier measurement and workflows, reduced friction for the reps, and made reporting easier for me.

How does Groove support your entire revenue team?

We found that Groove is incredibly useful in unifying our revenue team, everyone from SDRs to AEs to CSMs, by providing a really easy-to-use solution for all of them to report information back to Salesforce.

How have your reps benefited from Groove?

The primary way Groove has improved our reps’ day-to-day is definitely with the scrubbing of admin work. From enabling reps to easily collaborate with SDRs using Groove Spaces to automatically logging booked meetings to Salesforce, Groove is saving our reps a lot of time.

How valuable is Groove’s Salesforce-native approach?

It’s incredibly important that Groove is Salesforce-native. It just saves us a lot of headache, a lot of integration work. Many things that we would otherwise have to go to our Salesforce admin for, I can do on the fly myself because Groove’s managed package is so easy to install. Groove makes it so easy to manage the reporting and dashboard on the back end. 

What’s your favorite thing you’ve automated with Groove?

My favorite workflow that we put together is one of the Automated Actions we’ve built Groove, where our account executives will build-out and send email campaigns from their name, and then we’ll automatically triage any email opens to the SDR to then follow up via a phone call. We found that this leads to a lot of great collaboration and more high-quality meetings booked.

How would you rate Groove’s account and support teams?

The Groove team has been awesome to work with, and they are really quick to let us know about new capabilities. For example, when Groove rolled out their Seismic integration, our rep knew we were using Seismic and proactively reached out to introduce it to us. They’ve just been really helpful from early on. 

We had a ton of questions when we first started, and our rep was always incredibly receptive and responsive, hopping on a meeting whenever needed. It is a level of support that we did not have with the previous vendor that we used. 

How is Groove different from other sales tech you’ve managed?

I save a lot of time managing Groove compared to my previous platform. Now, I don’t get requests for data that lived in the previous platform but not Salesforce. I’m able to quickly run reports in Salesforce to find anything that I need. And I know for the reps, the time that they save each and every day through these automated processes that Groove enables with Salesforce, is huge.

How do you see Groove as a valued partner?

Groove has been really supportive, and we really feel like we have a partnership with them. We see this as a long-term investment.

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