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In the Groove: An Interview with Robee Lockhart, Vice President of Revenue Operations at Class Technologies

Groove and Class

Groove recently sat down with Robee Lockhart, Vice President of Revenue Operations at Class Technologies, to learn how her team is using Groove to boost ROI and conversion rates with Groove’s unique Salesforce-native integration. Check out her responses in the Q&A below and then watch the video for a summary of the key themes.

Why did you choose Groove?

We made the decision to move from Salesloft to Groove for the seamless integration that they have with Salesforce. We were having issues with our previous platform not being able to sync data over to Salesforce or really track the analytics we needed. Our move to Groove was a very, very easy transition and uplift due to the fact that they work seamlessly with Salesforce. With Groove, we’ve been able to streamline our day-to-day processes.

How does Groove bring value to your organization on a daily basis?

Groove brings tremendous value to our organization every day. Not only is our entire sales force, our account executives, and our SDR team working from one platform where we can track all of our metrics, we also have insight into cross-team collaboration within their email sequencing, so we can see what’s working best. Now, we’re able to work cross-functionally within our sales organization to understand data analytics and ROI very easily.

What kind of impact has Groove had on your organization?

From a revenue operations perspective, Groove has had a great impact on our organization in two major ways. One is the backend operational functionality of Groove and our operations team not having to dig for data and troubleshoot the majority of the day because the platform works as it should. Two, is the ROI and the conversion ratio.

We are seeing prospects come in at the top of the funnel going to a closed-won opportunity about three times faster since we moved over to Groove.

How has Groove improved your day-to-day?

Groove has tremendously improved my day-to-day and our operations team’s day-to-day. The fact that it has a seamless integration with Salesforce cuts out hours of operational time and troubleshooting that we had to do in our previous platform.

What benefits does Groove provide to your sales team?

Our sales team also benefits from the streamlined processes made possible by Groove’s seamless integration with Salesforce. With one click of a button, our sales team can easily push people in and out of automated Flows directly from List and Report views in Salesforce.

This type of automation is saving my sales team hours and hours every day.

How is Groove different from other sales tech you’ve used?

Groove stands out from any other sales tech that I’ve managed in my entire career. Their customer service and support team is absolutely incredible. I have never worked with an account management team that has been so hands-on and invested in the success of Groove within our organization.

How do you see Groove as a valued partner?

Groove is definitely showing itself to be a valued partner to Class. Not only have they invested in making sure our implementation of Groove was specific to our needs, but they also work with us on a monthly basis to review improvements, ROI, and best practices for our organization. They also work with us to continuously roll out sales enablement to our sales team to make sure they’re getting maximum value out of using Groove.

How would you rate Groove’s account and support teams?

Groove’s account and support team is phenomenal. Definitely a world-class team out of any vendor I’ve ever worked with. The investment that they put into our organization, making sure that we’re successful and continually enabling our sales team, is absolutely incredible.

What kind of flexibility have you seen with Groove?

The Groove platform is extremely flexible, which is one of the reasons we migrated from Salesloft. The fact that the Groove Omnibar can be built vertical- and role-specific is a huge benefit to our organization.

We’ve been able to automate a lot of our processes to track analytics that are really important to our organization, including how many demos it took to go from the top of the funnel to closed-won, or how many emails and conversations it took from the top of the funnel to book the initial sales meeting.

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