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Introducing Groove + LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Groove is proud to be a member of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) partner program, and the only sales engagement platform that integrates LinkedIn data into the Groove Omnibar, a powerful tool that displays Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator intel side-by-side wherever a salesperson is working. It equips your team with everything they need to know to communicate with confidence with their customers.

With Groove Omnibar, your sellers won’t have to switch between multiple browser tabs to see the information. They can initiate, grow, and maintain meaningful connections with customers using new Omnibar features, including:

Icebreakers: This tab gives users ideas on how to start a conversation based on mutual connections, recently shared posts, and published articles.

Get Introduced: This tab opens the door for social selling. Getting introduced by a coworker or friend is the most effective way to build a relationship. That’s a great example of how powerful LinkedIn’s economic graph is for account based sales.

Related Leads: This tab gives users an idea of who else is related to the contact or the account they are trying to sell into. This helps users maximize the number of meaningful connections they can make, and allows them to form relationships on all levels.

Additionally, the Groove Dialer functions seamlessly with Omnibar, which has been the favorite feature for our beta testers currently using Omnibar. When you receive an inbound phone call, Groove’s Omnibar will automatically pull information on the caller from LinkedIn and Salesforce so you are instantly prepared for a great customer call.

Groove is one of the few platforms that offers a complete view of Salesforce data and LinkedIn Sales Navigator data side-by-side

Ready to see the value of Groove and LinkedIn Sales Navigator in action? Request a demo of Groove today.

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